Hello, friends, my name is Jacob Prasch and I have met a number of Mormons. I have attended the “Miracle of Mormonism” pageant in Manti, Utah where I met mainstream Mormons and I met fundamentalism Mormons – polygamists, bigamists. I've met Mormons in Great Britain, I’ve met Mormons in Italy, I’ve met Mormons in Israel, an extension of Brigham Young University. I have talked to Mormon clergy.

And I know how anxious Mormons are to see people convert to Mormonism, to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as they call it. They’re anxious in their missionary zeal to establish new “stakes”, as you call them, new stakes and to see the beliefs of Mormonism extend and perpetuate.

When anyone comes to me trying to persuade me to believe in a religion, I always examine it carefully and prayerfully, and I look at it and I consider their claims with a fair and open mind. And Mormonism is no different. I considered your religion with a fair and open mind and I have actually investigated it. I have read, I’ve talked to Mormons, I’ve read what the Mormons have told me in light of the Judeo-Christian Bible, and in my interest to pursue the truth and to find out if the Church of Latter-day Saints is true, I’ve made some discoveries from a variety of sources including your own literature – especially your own literature – and as a result of this I have some serious questions.

I hope in listening to this you'll be able to help me answer these questions. Just e-mail me at our ministry, my office, and I would love to hear from you. Or you can write me at either the American or British or Australian office, and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you. In fact I’ll be delighted to talk to you. Come on our website, send me an e-mail, answer these questions.

The person who directed you here is also interested in having these questions answered. We felt it’s right to give you as a Mormon the opportunity to answer for yourself.

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