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Spanish translation: News of Gaza's Shocking Display A Disturbing Parade of Death and Cruelty

Spanish translation: News of Gaza's Shocking Display A Disturbing Parade of Death and Cruelty Jac

‘n Ander Jesus (A different Jesus)

Deur Jacob Prasch / vertaal..   Vanaf ongeveer 1978 het dinge in die kerk begin gebeur soos di

A Chink in the Armor

Introduction Greetings dear friends in the wonderful name of Jesus.

A Chink in the Armor

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 18-19 What happens when good leaders become involved with bad ones?

A Chink in the Armor - Finnish

Aukko Haarniskassa  2.Aik. 18: 1-34 – 19:3. Tämä on samankaltainen kertomus kui

A Cross­less Christianity = Christ­less Christianity

All of Christianity begins and centers upon the person of Jesus and his work on the cross. It was Pa

A Crossless Christianity - Polish

Tradycja Biblijna AUTOR: MIKE OPPENHEIMER Poprzez caly Stary Testament Pan Bog ukazany jest jako "sk

A Dead Man Can’t Help You

 There are many things which dead men can’t do.  One very important thing a dead man can’t do

A Prophet Like Moses - Japanese

モーセのような預言者 ジェイコブ・プラッシュ

A Prophet Like Unto Moses

But the prophet who shall speak a word presumptuously in my Name, which I have not commanded him to

A Prophet Like Unto Moses

Scripture: Deuteronomy 18:18 The Scriptural similarities which point to Moses as a type of the Messi

A prophet Like Unto Moses - Russian

Пророк,подобный Моисею Вт.18:20 «но пророка, который дер�

Abraham's Journey

Introduction Open with me, please, to Genesis 12. In Hebrew we call the book of Genesis “B’reshi

Abraham's Journey - Afrikaans

Abraham Se Reis Gen.12:1‐20: "En die HERE het aan Abram gesê: Gaan jy uit jou land en uit

Abraham's Journey - Polish

Scripture: Genesis 12 Every person's life can be plotted as being along some point of Abraham's jour

Abraham’s Journey - Russian

Путешествие Авраама. Введение. Откройте со мной, пожа�

Abrahams Journey - Japanese

アブラハムの旅 ジェイコブ・プラッシュ

All that can be shaken - Afrikaans

ALLES WAT GESKUD KAN WORD.   “Pas op dat julle Hom wat spreek, nie afwys nie; want as húlle nie

An Anti Christ Meets a False Prophet - Polish

Antychryst spotyka fałszywego proroka! Heretycy i religijni oszuści jednoczą się


The Anointing Acts 2 When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place. And su


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