If you really believe American Indians are Lamanites despite the irrefutable DNA evidence, please explain to me how. Please e-mail me; I really want to know.

If you can really explain to me why you believe and why I should believe that the Sun is inhabited by these Quaker-like people, I want to know. Please let me know.

Let me know how Satan can be the half-brother of Jesus if God has only one “only begotten” Son. I really want to know this.

Let me know how you can believe a book translated by Joseph Smith when in fact that’s not what the book says.

Let me know how you can achieve sinless perfection.

Now I just want to leave you with two things. I've asked you five questions I hope you will try to answer for me. I'll get back to you, but I want to tell you first of all about another doctrine of atonement and about how you can fulfill the “celestial law” as you call it. The doctrine of atonement of Jesus Christ has nothing to do with the doctrine of atonement as taught by Brigham Young and the “Church” of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His doctrine was Adam was not God, Jesus was God, and He was the “last Adam”; He became a man and went to the cross and in my place and in yours; and He was the substitutionary atonement for our sin; that by putting my faith in Him I am justified even though I am guilty. He rose from the dead to give me eternal life; He atoned for my sin; that is the doctrine of atonement of the New Testament. It has no resemblance to the doctrine of atonement as taught by Brigham Young.

Secondly, how can I reach sinless perfection? How can you be counted 100% sinless? There’s only one way – “imputed righteousness”: I have no righteousness of my own. When Jesus took my sin on the cross He gave me His righteousness. I can only be counted righteous according to the righteousness of God in Christ. I'm as guilty as anybody, but God counts me as having been righteous and having kept His perfect Law because His Son did it on my behalf. He gave me His righteousness; it’s imputed, it’s not earned, I can’t earn it and neither can you.

There is a doctrine of atonement and there is indeed a Law of God that requires freedom from sin and sinfulness, but I cannot see how theBook of Mormon can fulfill either one; I see how the New Testament fulfills both.

I’m willing to talk to you. I’m willing to hear what you have to say, I’m willing to answer your questions about my doctrine of atonement and my view of the Law of God, are you willing to answer the five questions that I've asked you?

God bless you and thank you.Logo_40x45

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