And reading The Book of Mormon, I’m brought to one other question. I’m told that Jesus is the half-brother of Satan and that Adam was God. As man is God was, and as God is man shall become. That is the fundamental tenet of Mormonism. Adam was God. (The book of Genesis says that Adam was created by God.)

And that Jesus is the half-brother of Satan. Satan wanted to rule the world by force, Jesus wanted to rule it by love, and the angels who wouldn’t take sides were cast down and they became the black people. That's your religion’s teaching.

The Greek word is “monogenes”. It doesn’t mean “only born”, “only begotten” in the sense of “monogenes” means “only of a kind”. If Jesus is the “only begotten” Son of God, the onlymonogenes”, how can Satan be his half-brother if He's the only one? Can you please answer me how can Satan be the half-brother of Jesus if Jesus is the “only begotten”? No one has so far been able to answer that question for me from your religion. Can you answer it? How can He be the half-brother of Satan if He’s the “only begotten”?

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