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Tina M. asks we pray for her Dad

Prayer Request: Tina M. asks for prayer as her Dad has been admitted into the hospital.

Prayer for Gert’s Dad

We seek prayer for our Moriel Adminstrator's Father in Holland who just had a heart attack and is pre

Sherrie A. asks we pray for her family

  This is a prayer request from Sherrie A. in Cleveland.

Please pray for our long time friend Carol

Important Prayer request for Carol, our long time friend volunteer.

George asks we pray for his wife Paulette

Georges's request for prayer... I pray to the Lord Jesus to heal my wife, Paulette, she has battled b

Moriel asks for prayer for our Philippine families.

Moriel asks for prayer for our Philippine families.

Kristian R. requests that we pray....

Kristian R. requests that we pray....

Evangelist Jon H requests prayer!

Jon H reports that four days ago he lost his voice! He is a street preacher and does one-on-one evang

Please pray for Kristian E

Please pray for Kristian E

Please pray for LeeAnn R

Please pray for LeeAnn R, she writes:

Please pray for Jadwiga Drumheller

  Jadwiga Drumheller is a long time Moriel supporter who was admitted to the hospital with Covid, s

Prayer request for Tracy in California

Tracy W. asks that we pray that the Lord would assist him in finding a girlfriend or a wife.

Please pray for long-time Moriel volunteer Carol Champion

Brothers and Sisters, please remember long-time Moriel volunteer Carol Champion who has requested pra

Bill (one of our California friends) requests prayer for his sister

Bill B a long time friend of Moriel and brother in the Lord asks for prayer for his sister who is now

Teresa asks us to pray for John's salvation

  Please pray for John , he has heard the gospel but hasn’t accepted Jesus

Monica asks us to pray for Daniel and Nathaniel

Monica requests prayer for the salvation of Daniel and Nathaniel.

C in Buffalo Grove requests prayer

Please join C in prayer who requests:

Please pray for Mark and Jennifer

Please pray for Mark and his wife Jennifer) who are both in the hospital with breathing problems beca

A prayer request was sent from Alice

Please join us in praying for Alice:

Please pray for David

Please pray for my nephew David and put him on your prayer lists.


Dave and Lyn Royle's son Aaron was taken to hospital with kidney issues but while there he tested pos


Moriel & Jacob Prasch would like to request prayer for a long time friend of Moriel Ministries.

Laurie asks we pray for her son

Laurie sent a prayer request asking us to pray for her son. She says,

Please pray for Mrs Tracey Russell who has a brain tumor

Please pray for Mrs Tracey Russell who is beginning chemotherapy and radiation treatment to try to be

Please join us in praying for Mrs. Morris

Brethren, please join us in praying for Mrs. Morris.

Ingela in Sweden reaches out for prayer

Please join us in praying for Ingela in Sweden, she writes:

Please pray for Christina's brother

Christina in MI requests prayer for her brother who is 27 and who is a non-believer.

Please pray for John Robert who is seeking the Lord

Please pray for John Robert who is seeking the Lord to be in his life


Moriel & Jacob Prasch urgently request prayer for Brother John Theodore, a leader in a  Congregation

Please pray for Karl S

Cari is asking for prayer for a man young, whose name is Karl S.

Please pray for Riley

Rita asks that we pray for her niece's 17 year old boyfriend.

Please pray for Pam and Ron

Pam writes: My husband Ronnie and I are opening an ice cream shop here in our town and we are experie

Prayer for Misti R’s husband

We have received a prayer request for Misti R’s husband.

Urgent prayer request for Aaron and Erin. Jan 14, 2020

 Your prayers are very much appreciated for my son Aaron and his family.

Christopher in Australia requests prayer for the fires. Jan 01, 2020

You have most likely heard of the widespread environmental and personal loss/sufferings from droughts

Alicia in the USA requests prayer. Dec 30, 2019

I request prayer for protection. I have been under attack from the enemy in my physical body, my work

Nancy in Canada requests prayer for her husband Paul. Dec 26, 2019

I am asking prayer for my 65 year old husband who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer 10 years ag

Prayer requested for Daniel in Australia, Dec 17, 2019

Dear brothers & sisters in Christ - please pray for Daniel (a Christian) who requests the following:

A believer's request for prayer from the heart., Dec 10, 2019

  A believer's request for prayer from the heart.

R in Kansas requests prayer for a believing relative, Dec 10, 2019

Please pray for our son who stumbled into pornography as a child and is now facing the consequences o

Believing friends ask for prayer. Dec 10, 2019

My mother is an Irish catholic. She has for the last several years suffered from dementia and cannot

A. in Utah writes...

I recently found your ministry and it has helped bring me radically closer to the Lord.

Dave Royle seeks prayer for his son

Dave Royle says, My son Aaron had been admitted to hospital. His kidney function is down to 25%. P

Please pray for a new Iranian believer

Ruth is seeking prayer for: A new Iranian Believer who is seeking asylum in Turkey. Here prayer req

Prayers for Moriel readers, Nov 18th 2019

We have received a number of prayer requests over the last week from believers around the world reque

Cathy in Canada thanks Moriel for Prayers

Cathy says, "Thanking you for praying about my operation. The surgeon removed a tumour from the le

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST - Chris in Australia - Nov 6th 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters,Please continue to pray for me, Chris, a Christian brother from Australia.I

Please pray for Canada - Oct 30 2019

In light of the recent elections in Canada, our Canadian friends request:

Urgent Prayer Requests from our friends in Australia, Oct 31

Our friends in Australia have passed onto us two prayer requests - which are urgent... please do pray

Prayer Request — Oct 25th, 2019

Charlene in Orange County asks prayer for Jacob Prasch to be completely healed in his body, until Jes

Prayer Requests, Oct 2nd, 2019

Thank you to all who have recently sent prayer requests, please lift up our brothers and sisters in p