Urgent prayer request for Aaron and Erin. Jan 14, 2020

 Your prayers are very much appreciated for my son Aaron and his family.

I'd like to start by saying a great thank you to you all for your prayers over the months and years on my health.

We have recently found out that I have only one working kidney and now that remaining kidney is working at 21% and declining.

The doctor said that there won't be any improvement now from it so "be prepared for dialysis".
On Thursday Jan 9th, 2020, I was given many options and paths to take concerning treatment.

The first being just a normal kidney transplant from a donor.
The second is a dual transplant which is pancreas and kidney.

This will temporarily cure my type 1 diabetes and give my new kidney a fighting chance with stable blood sugars from it.

So as you can see this is life changing circumstances and needs a lot of prayer and guidance on what to do with my life and the future of my family.

so key things to pray for are:

  1. Peace - no matter what the circumstance is, we have peace from the Lord
  2. Guidance for the future - jobs, health, ministry and family life
  3. For our two wonderful children - that this doesn't affect them
  4. That I settle well to any treatment given

My goal is that through any time or trial in life God is glorified.

God bless




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