The Daniel Factor

People are looking for answers, instinctively knowing that whilst great efforts are made to bring peace in our troubled world, all is not well. An increase in natural and man made disasters, geo-political tensions and an economic crisis create the sense of a gatherng storm which has become a part of us all.

Since 1948, hundreds of ancient predictions, written thousands of years ago, are now unfolding before us. News agencies from around the world beam satellite images into our homes that could have come straight from the pages of the Bible.

According to Daniel and other Biblical prophets, only the wise will understand how to read the signs and respond - as people around the world will continue to be so busy with their lives; buying and selling, planting and building, unaware of the terrible events that will overtake them.

  • Jews will be exiled and persecuted throughout the world
  • In the last days the Jews will return to their homeland
  • Jerusalem will become the centre of world tension
  • The lost language of Hebrew will be restored to Israel
  • In the last days, pools of water will appear in the desert
  • Fruits, forests, vineyards and olive groves arise from the dust
    Man-made and natural disasters will increase
  • Lawlessness, moral and social breakdown
  • Christian apostasy, mass spiritual delusion, a great leader
  • A great leader to bring peace within a new world order
  • World government, a forced financial system, state control
  • A peace treaty signed - yet a military coalition attacks Israel
  • Earthquake to split Mount of Olives, water will flow from under Jerusalem
  • Near the end, a great temple is constructed in Jerusalem
  • The East Gate in the city wall will be sealed until the end
  • The kings from the East cross the Euphrates River for war
  • The war that will end all wars - Armageddon
  • Only the wise will escape

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