Let's continue looking at this idea of the Gospel in the Last Days. It is not going to be easy. What we’re going to try to propose to do is to equip people to evangelize these growing groups.

We’re going to produce a series of tapes which you’re free to replicate and copy – give away (please do so) – Five Questions for Jehovah's Witnesses, Five Questions for Muslims, Five Questions for Roman Catholics, Five Questions for Orthodox Jews, Five Questions for Mormons, five questions…five, five, five, five. You take it, you just give it to them. Copy it, give it to them. Send us the name and address of any Mormon, he’ll get a free copy. Send us the name and address of any Jew, he’ll get a free copy. Send us the name and address of any Catholic, he’ll get a free copy. You copy it and give it to them or we’ll copy it and give it to them, five questions. They’re growing, we are shrinking. But even in these groups in these Last Days, the Lord will have a harvest of people.

I was just in Indonesia. I was lecturing at a Bible college in Indonesia this past summer. (Of course, they don’t have a summer, it’s always summer; but here it was summer.) And there were pastors there from different places in Indonesia. One pastor there from the Malukun Islands – he couldn't go back to the Malukun Islands, he planted two churches and the Muslims planned to kill him. Terrible persecution going on, all swept under the rug, everyone’s quiet about it, especially Stephen Sizer at World Vision. They only care if someone stands up to Islam, they don't care about what Islam does to Christians, seemingly. It’s not their emphasis. And these pastors were telling me about the kind of growth. I was lecturing in a Bible college to student pastors. Every single one of them, when they graduate, is going into a Muslim area to plant churches. They know some of them may pay for that with their lives. They know that not before they graduate, they know that before they come to the Bible college. But it doesn’t stop them from coming to the Bible college. They come sacrificially. They were telling me how many Muslims are saved in Indonesia. Look at it this way: The Lord’s arm is not too short that it cannot save.

I had a Muslim pray with me to receive the Lord in Australia.( I haven’t led many Muslims to Christ but I’ve led Muslims to Christ.) I heard a beautiful testimony of a Shi’a Muslim in New Zealand who prayed with me to receive the Lord a few years ago. He was from Iran; he was a Shi’a, a real nut. You’re not going to find a more beautiful believer. He makes Persian carpets. A beautiful, beautiful artist. The man’s really an artist, really gifted – beautiful carpets. An incredible guy, incredible testimony. Muslims can and do get saved

I have friends who are rabbis. I have friends who are Orthodox rabbis. Orthodox Jews can and do get saved.

I was just in Ireland last week. Even in Belfast, where becoming a Christian means you become a Protestant in the community’s thinking, tons – tons of ex-Catholics, mostly young people (not all, but mostly younger people), Roman Catholics even in the most Catholic environment. You don’t see real Catholicism here; to see real Catholicism you need to go to Ireland or to Poland or to somewhere like that. They get saved. These people can get saved.

That’s what we’re aiming for this year. It’s time to fight back. We know about the error and deception in the church, we all know that. They’re losing. They’re losing the battles, they’re losing the war, they’re never going to get it together. They’ll never get it together! We’ll explain why in a moment.

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