PRAYER REQUEST for Kathryn with cancer

PRAYER REQUEST FOR Kathryn with cancer

Dear family in Christ,


We have a sister in the LORD named Kathryn who has had cancer return to her body.  Will you please lift her up to the LORD with us?  

LORD GOD, we know you give us everything that pretains to life and godliness. Whatever you choose to do with our lives, which we have submitted to you, we know is right.  She has traveled through this valley with You before and we know You would be with her again.  We ask LORD, if you are willing, to grant her healing of her body.  To cover her weak frame with Your compassion and strength, because we know those you fall upon LORD will always rise from any condition, even death itself.  We need Your comfort and strength Father.  We are a small remnant and a weak people in a sea of dark waters.  Have mercy on us and help us to stand.  We certainly do not deserve it and we have no claim of our own we could even construct.  But we know and we believe that Your beloved Son has purchased us with His own blood.  That we are His inheritance and we want to found blameless.  We want to see His face.  Help us make it to the other side.  Help us keep getting back up and fighting the good fight of faith.  That is our greatest battle.  Yet, we know that You consider our frame and You are so full of mercy and lovingkindness that I do not hesitate to ask you to consider our sister Kathryn.  She is in Your faithful hands and we trust You.

Your sister thanks be to Jesus,



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