Our UK associate Beryl Hunter requests urgent prayer

Beryl and Peter are our faithful UK itinerary organizers and request the following:

Folks....we need urgent prayer for our daughter. She has been off work ill this past 7 days but has now been rushed to hospital with a suspected T.IA or Stroke/blood clot. She seems to have had temporary blindness in one eye and they think it might be Amaurofis Fugax. Which is a temp blindness in the eye and can be a sign of a blood clot, a t.i.a or on coming stroke.

So obviously we are very worried. We have no more info yet as she will have to undergo a scan, blood chemistry and an e.c.g, with examination by Opthalmist and the Registrar in the Stroke clinic. Thankfully, she is at the hospital she works at and knows all the Consultants as part of her job so we are hoping the Lord will use that help to enable to Consultants to find and treat the cause. Its all the harder for her as we cannot be there with her and neither can her husband Mark during the examinations, though he works in the same hospital, he will be able to see her if admitted to a ward as the covid wards are well away from the medical ones.

 We can only trust her to the Lords care right now and wait for some information, which may not come today.? We value all your prayers for us as a family but today need them more than ever.


Beryl & Peter


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