Gina in London requests prayer... March 12, 2020

Shalom in Yeshua! Dear brothers and sisters, I would be very grateful to you, if you could pray for me for divine protection, healing and deliverance...

from the terrible 24/7 attacks, including being infested with a strong smell of illicit drugs 3-7 times a day (I never used drugs in my life!), for over 4 years, assaulted, beaten, threaten etc, preventing me from spreading “the God News of the Kingdom to the Jews first then to the Gentiles”.

May Abba bring me “legal protection from my oppressors” as in Luke 18 and give me deliverance as in Meghilat Esther, in Yeshua haMashiach's Name.

Also, may bring my daughter, her fiancé, my parents, siblings and their children to salvation and my neighbours and authorities members who are making my life a misery, day after day! Amen.

Blessed be His Name, forever and ever, Yeshua the Messiah!

May Abba bless you abundantly for feeding me with real food “for such a time as this” since I was immersed in 2008 and introduced to Jacob and your ministry by the street preachers from Yorkshire!

All glory be to Him for everything and for blessing me in taking part in the last Moriel Tour to Israel, back in 2015!

Greetings and Shalom to you all!



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