Statement about Moriel New Zealand, January 2020

In the prolonged aftermath of the former Moriel NZ Administrator Nigel Nicholson going to be with The Lord after a history of illness, Moriel suspended its operations, ceasing most financial activities in New Zealand. Newsletter publication, and all book and recorded material orders were shifted to Moriel Australia branch and Moriel's NZ registered charity status was left to expire in NZ in 2017.

This was to be a temporary provision. In compliance with New Zealand law however, Moriel NZ did at this time register with the NZ IRD (tax authority) who backdated our tax obligations to the time of Nigel's departure, and Moriel reported any NZ income to the NZ IND instead of to the Charity Commission.

As a matter of Christian ethics, Moriel offered a return of all donations to our NZ supporters as we were, for legal purposes, technically not operating as a tax deductible charity during the interim period. Generously and graciously however, our NZ Prayer partners understood the transitory circumstances and no one sought any return of contributions to the ministry. Although operated by "remote control" from the Australia branch, Moriel's NZ activities continued temporarily as a satellite of Australia. During this time of course, book sale and other income was for accounting & auditing purposes, (as is legally required,) reported in Australia where Moriel also has a legally registered status.

A new administration is now in place in New Zealand and the New Zealand branch of Moriel is in the process of being fully reactivated and re-registered transiting back to a charity and is no longer a satellite of Moriel Australia, (just as Moriel Canada branch is now independent and no longer a satellite of Moriel USA branch, or as Moriel Ireland branch is now independent and no longer a satellite of the Moriel UK branch).

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