Some sad news

Dear friends and family. Greetings in Jesus lovely name

We just received the sad news that my co-worker and friend Abre has passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer.

When we moved to the Cape, Abre was one of our first friends and soon became our driver. He came along with us to Swellendam and roughed it with us all. sleeping in the van as we built the mission. In fact, if you walk around the mission and see anything man-made it was more than likely Abre that put in the screw, hammered the nail or duck taped it into submission.

In our friendship, we had so many laughs. We've wrestled pigs. Cattle, chased chickens and Rabbits, sheep and goats. So much fun that we used to roll about laughing at the situations we found ourselves in.
If you have stayed at the mission it was in all likelihood Abre that picked you up at the airport, he was well-liked and loved.

Abre leaves behind a wife, Michelle and a young son Chris. They will miss him tremendously.
Rest well Abre, miss you lots, gone way too soon.

In other news, our UK adventure is still not over. We remain at our place in Wales and although we worried about the mission and the guys they appear to be coping well and running things.
We await May for the new travel rules but if we have to take vaccines we will reach an impasse. Although we are not antivaxxers we will not be coerced by the NWO to take what we believe is a high-risk experimental gene therapy. So please pray that the whole vax passport nonsense will die a death and we will be free to travel.

As I mentioned the guys are all well. CD4 levels remain high which is good and vital loads are low. It's amazing how treatment has progressed and I have included two photos of Luke and Spud who came to us as very sick babies but who are now fully fit young men.

News on Aaron our son. Aaron has had a fistula fitted permanently and is receiving Dialysis via a temporary one in his kneck. He is also being trained on how to use the machine at home. This will end all the trips to the hospital. Aaron looks a lot better but obviously, the ideal solution would be a double transplant of the kidney and pancreas so please continue to pray and thank you for your love and support.

I am often reminded of the following verse from Romans 8:28

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

Do you know what? Whatever will happen in all our situation, although it may not seem so now, God will use it for your good and His purpose.
Instead of being grim and despondent when trials come think of the fact that you are involved in His purpose. And to top it all, through the trial He has His glory and your good at heart.
The term perseverance of the saints is often used. Well, these are those times so let us persevere God has it covered. Whether it is so-called pandemics or our dystopian society or the fragility of the church right now, His plans and purposes will prevail, so persevere. Gird up your loins, run the race to completion, God has overcome



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