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MORIEL AND MINISTERIAL CREDENTIALS: As a doctrinal matter, Moriel has always viewed ministerial credentials as a practical legal license for pastoral hospital visits, and performing Rites of Passage. Some Moriel ministers & missionaries hold such credentials, others do not. Only God has authority to ordain a minister, (not a church or denomination).
Moriel does strongly endorse the Christian Ministerial  Fellowship International (CMFI), and we are blessed to feature their  material on RTN TV. This is unchanged. We know them to be brethren of integrity and right doctrine and our personal relationships remain unaltered.
Moriel for some time has grappled with CMFI being mainly UK based, while Moriel's centers are in North America, and the Austral Pacific & Asian Paific regions. Moriel is legally chartered to issue credentials in various countries, and will be doing so. At the moment this has only applied to Moriel ministers in the USA & Canada, but not as yet affected any British Moriel pastor in the UK who is credentialed with CMFI, (this however will also change).
   Moriel also regrets the unfair battering to our CMFI  brethren that has come about as collateral fallout from attacks upon Moriel,     which in large part precipitated this change in policy; however these geographical issues have been problematic and requiring correction for some time. Most of our pastors &  missionaries have never even been to the UK. Contrary to some renegade reports by  antagonistic voices, the American & Canadian Moriel presbytery has resigned on good and amicable terms without acrimony.
Our sanction of CMFI is firmly in tact, as is the CMFI good will towards Moriel. We shall  continue to be supportive of each other.
It is the policy of CMFI not to publicly announce its internal issues. CMFI inform us that they issue no external or public reports.

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