Official CMFI council statement and letter re: moriel resignations

(Reported by Moriel with Permission of CMFI)

Dear Jacob and Brethren,
We have now posted a statement with regard to your resignations on our website: (and reproduced below)
It now being in the public domain, you are of course free to make use of it if you wish to do so. We trust this helps to dispel and correct the current rumours and lies.
I’ve had many emails today asking for the truth. We will not enter discussion with these, but simply point them to our statements
Yours in our Lord,
Paul (Sherbird)
(CMFI Secretary)

For the sake of truth, CMFI hereby gives notice that, following discussion, Moriel members have resigned their membership of CMFI. This was accomplished amicably and by mutual agreement.

The CMFI Council has previously issued statements urging its members not to use social media or other public platforms to air disagreements with other believers. We  believe doing so causes unnecessary division and upset to the Body of Christ. Further it ignores the Scriptural injunction of Matthew 18:15-17. We continue to insist that disagreements between brethren should always be handled privately between concerned parties in the first instance, and then in conjunction with local churches whenever possible.

As it is not CMFI policy to discuss internal matters publicly, for its part, this now closes the matter between CMFI and Moriel. CMFI pray God’s blessings on the remnant church and all who have been involved in all of these matters.

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