OBITUARY: Fred Blomkamp, Moriel South Africa Nov 14, 2019

In Jesus there is no death - only life, and no condemnation, only victory. There is the temporary separation of sleep and the temporary grief that accompanies it. Fred Blomkamp, founder of Moriel South Africa Branch has fallen asleep in The Lord following post surgical complications. It was Fred who first brought Jacob Prasch to South Africa when Apartheid fell, and who served as its first South Africa director and has always remained involved with Moriel on various levels.

Fred was one of the most generous, self giving, and radically evangelistic brothers in Christ we have ever been blessed in knowing. For those who didn't know him, Fred was often described as a 'Saved Version of Fred Flintstone'. That was an apt description of his temperament, personality, and humour. Fred was a hard-working businessman in sports facility construction, a leader of a house fellowship, and a loyal friend & brother who loved The Lord and His Word and  carried a zeal to proclaim the gospel of salvation to Jews, tribal Africans, Muslims, or to anyone. While we of course celebrate Fred's home-coming to be with The Lord until we meet him again with Christ,  for we who remain , it will not be easy to get use to Fred being away until the Millennial Reign off Christ. It is for the time being a sad event as well as a joyous one. Fred was saved out of horse race gambling and devoted the rest of his life to serving Jesus and preaching the gospel. His kindness to the Ebyown HIV orphans will be particularly remembered as well as his staunch opposition to false doctrine and scripturally improper practices within the church. The Body of Christ in South Africa has lost a faithful voice and we have , how be it temporarily, lost a comrade in Christ and a true friend.

We particularly pray for Fred's English wife of many years Wendy and their children and grandchildren, especially Fred's son Lee to whom leadership of the Home Fellowship will fall.

We loved Fred and shall miss him dearly - but because of Jesus, not permanently.

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