An Open Note to Sally Richardson (UK), following her recent unprovoked public ‘CALUMNY’ accusations.

Mutually Unpleasant Greetings.

I think you remember me. I am the villain  who flew your daughter’s remains home from Australia when you could not afford to do so, so that your little girl’s body could be buried on English soil and you could have a proper family funeral. (What an utterly compassion lacking  wretch I must be to do such an ugly thing !).

No, Videos Do Not Lie (unless Menelaws edits them).

David Nathan taught God The Father is NOT the Creator. He taught that the efficacy of Christ’s blood ends, and animal blood will remove sin in the Millenium. This is heresy. Then he did a recorded teaching of Benny Hinn dogma of praying God’s Spirit into a cloth or necktie and knocking people over to heal them. This IS witchcraft.  Menelaws continued to promote this man for over a year , and has done so again recently. Menelaws is a proven apologist for, and promoter of, the perpetrator of this demonic deception. I stated nothing untrue. Videos do not lie.

Calumny? After you chose to align with the teacher of this seriously false doctrine, I said little because I always loved ‘Mustang Sally’, even when she was wrong. I truly did.

When your former pastor Sampson brought your first remarriage and unscriptural remarriage assertions to light, and now alleged separation from your second husband , I did not join in the chorus of those pastors who know you, who agreed that by the standards of God’s Word - you are an adulteress. I largely remained deliberately silent.

If what Jesus said concerning divorce & remarriage meant nothing to you , it is little wonder that the heretical false teaching of David Nathan- captured and proven on video, mean nothing to you. As with Menelaws, you substitute an emotionally charged victimisation complex dressed in a pseudo spiritual religiosity for what God’s Word actually teaches. It is to His Word He will hold us, but you just smooth that reality over with a self delusion you wishfully imagine to be true; but it isn’t. You will discover it is not.

Because , I always liked you personally, and felt compassion for you due to the loss of your daughter, I stepped back. Although I felt hurt and betrayed,  I said nothing, even when I was criticised for not publicly addressing your marital situation that scripture calls adultery.

Lets face it, you were always misled by your emotions into following wrong men like that one who was into Howard Camping date setting, and David Nathan. If , as some have said, you have  two failed , supposedly “christian”  marriages, your choice of husbands (not that I blame them) further proves the point. You are easily deceived and are not led of the Lord in the crucial decisions of this life. With failed marital relationships, you develop infatuations with preachers (false ones) to fill the gap. These may not not be sexual, but they are ungodly fixations that blind you.

God’s Word its Very Clear:

‘A Woman Is Joined To Her Husband As Long As He Lives’ - Romans 7:2.

Was the first dead when you remarried the next husband from which you are long reported to be separated from? Or do you live in sin ?

You have now made a grave error Sally. For the sake of peace I tried to ignore you, hoping you would do the same. Now you have been manipulated by a wicked woman into publicly attacking me. I wish you had not. I tried to avoid conflict with you, but now you have sought a conflict with me. So Be It. This will now have repercussions that I would have wished to avoid Sally. The Lord will judge, and, against my wishes, you force us to respond to any who contact us. I did not want this Sally; I truly did not.

For ‘Old Time Sake’ I left you alone, preferring to remember you as ‘Mustang Sally’, rather than as  an unscripturally divorced and remarried adulterous daughter of darkness. I profoundly wish you had done the same. I really do. This was so unnecessary. Frankly, it was also very foolish of you to allow yourself to be manipulated and dragged into a conflict like this. I wish you had first contacted me Sally, I would not have turned you away.

As disappointed as I am, I fear for you Sally, and you remain in my prayers. For you DO know what you do.

“For If While Her Husband Is Living A Woman Is Joined To Another Man, She Shall Be Known As An Adulteress”. (Romans 7:3 - ‘Thus Saith The Lord’).

In the Eyes of Christ, You Are an Adulteress. It is God, Not I, Who says that You are an Immoral Woman.

(Those Pastors were right and I was wrong to have shut up and allowed my personal fondness for you to eclipse my better judgement).

Signed: Your Former Friend & Brother who tried to show you compassion in the Love of Jesus whenever I could.

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