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Date PublishedDescription
13-DecFutureHistory of the Church Part 2 (~4.52 MB)
13-SepFuture History of the Church Part 1(~4.26 MB)
13-JunKashrut and Famine (~17.69 MB)
13-MarSimchat Torah (~3.8 MB)
13-DecPedion Ha Ben (~4.96)
13-SepThe Scarlet Cord (~6.02)
13-JunThe Boiling Pot (~3.80 MB)
13-MarThe Legacy of Jacob (~3.74 MB)
13-DecNot Even A Minyan (~3.32 MB)
13-SepThe Great Church Train Robbery (~3.44 MB)
13-JunOnce Saved Always Saved (~3.11 MB)
13-MarBible Prophecy (~4.05)
13-DecEphesus (~3.29)
13-SepElijah: A Man Who Could Make it Rain (~4.90)
13-JunThe Plastic Bible (~5.95)
13-MarTypology of the First Born (~14.04 MB)
13-DecThe Wedding Feast (~19.49)
13-SepAbrham's Journey (~16.9 MB)
13-JunThe Gates of Jerusalem (~13.2 MB)
13-MarJehu: God's Assassin (~15.5 MB)
13-DecShips of Tarshish (~10.5 MB)
13-SepSeven Feasts (~7.5 MB)
13-JunTypes of Rapture (~9.1 MB)
13-MarThe Wolves in Sheeps Clothing (~11.5 MB)
13-DecThe Last Revival (~10.2 MB)
13-SepEnd of the Road (~6.4 MB)
13-JunSpiritual Warfare and Territorial Spirits (~5.5 MB)
13-MarThe Day of the Lord (~8.1 MB)
13-DecTypology of the Dietary Laws (~8.81 MB)
13-JanThe Fall of the House of Saul (~16.5 MB)
13-DecChristmas is Coming (~14.8 MB)
13-SepThe New Galatians (~2,56 MB)
13-JunThe Divine Aristocracy (~15.6 MB)
13-JulThe Future History of the Church (~19.7 MB)
13-AugEgypt, Babylon or the Palm of God? (~3.4 MB)
13-SepThe Sons of Zadok (~4.4 MB)
13-OctShow Me (~2.5 MB)
Nov-00Once Christian Marriage Means nothing (~13.4 MB)
Dec-00Leviticus 21 - The Priests of the Lord (~9.1 MB)
Jan-99What the Holy Ghost Explicitly Says About the End Times (~4.8 MB)
Feb-99The Message of Jonah (~11.5 MB)
Mar-99Principles of Persecution (831 kb)
Apr-98One Messiah Two Comings (~754 kb)
May-98The Book of Ruth (~878 kb)
Jun-98The House of David/The House of Saul (~854 kb)
Jul-98Curses and Christians (~961 kb)
Aug-98Typology of the Temple (~1.6 MB)
Sep-97Slain in the Spirit (958 kb)
Oct-97Binding and Loosing (~954 kb)
Nov-97Kashrut and Famine (~929 kb)
Dec-97The Woman at the Well (934 kb)
Jan-97The Threat of Persecution of Israeli Believers (~468 kb)
Feb-97What the Reformers Forgot Part 2 (~722 kb)
Mar-97What the Reformers Forgot Part 1 (~998 kb)
Apr-96Why 3 Years of Toronto and Still No Revival (~972 kb)
May-96Towards a Second Reformation (~958 kb)