Moriel Australia Obituary: Marg Godwin. Sep 10, 2019

Marg Godwin is now with Jesus. Marg is happy, I and we are sad - very sad.

After a long bout with respiratory illness and more recently perticula disease, The Lord called Marg home today ending her physical suffering and presenting her Himself, reunification with her departed husband Ross (who was a wonderful brother),and her reward.

Marg served The Lord and Moriel faithfully , much of it together with Ross whom she missed dearly, for more than 20 years. She was a loyal support and confident to me and one of the most self giving and capable servants of Jesus I have ever seen. Until we see her again we shall indeed thank The Lord for Marg and four The Blessed Hope and the Glory of The Resurrection. We cannot be permanently separated from Marg because she and we cannot be separated from Jesus.

Marg was saved out of Roman Catholicism, at one earlier time in her life as a nun before encountering the Jesus of Scripture in Second Birth. She had been successful in the secular business world, but turned those skills towards the service iff Christ and His church.

We of course thank God that her health battle is over and the final victory in Jesus is secured.

Meanwhile, we request prayer for her son Peter & Family and for the future direction and administration of Moriel in Australia.

The Moriel Australia office will be closed of necessity for approximately 3 weeks time to allow time for burial arrangements etc. Orders of materials etc. from Australia will be temporarily suspended for that time. Any emergency contact can be filtered to Moriel New Zealand branch on an interim provisional basis.

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