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Sunday, 03 February 2008 07:47

Alan Morrison's Latest Fantasy

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by Jacob Prasch

Indeed we know Alan Morrison. He is a fringe element conspiracy theorist; attempting to operate under the masquerade of a Christian discernment ministry. His pathetic antics cost him his pastorate and his job as a pastor of a small Baptist church in the English midlands when the congregation couldn't take any more and rejected him as a leader. Even his hyper-Calvinistic friends from the Peter Masters/Peter Glover clan seem to have disowned him. After that he moved onto Holland, and then to France. He left Britain with his tail between his legs.

As is typical of Alan Morrison, his arguments are void of exegetical argument and based purely on the spiritualisation of texts (gnosticism). Such faulty exposition, in vogue among many hyper-Charismatic groups, has its roots in ancient Alexandrian patristic literature.

In fact, the pre-Nicean Church Fathers (for all of their faults) maintained the contention the Apostolic tradition was pre- millennial. the spiritualization of the Millennial Reign of Christ is the invention of Augustine of Hippo and his ilk (who copied the influences of the Alexandrian Gnostics in his hermeneutics) when they needed to Hellenize the church away from its biblical Judaic root (Romans 11:18 ) in order to accommodate Constantine's making it a state religion and state church which of course layed the foundation for Roman Catholicism and the Roman papacy. Like most people deceived into the errors of Calvinism, Alan is simply too ignorant to realize it.

Jesus' kingdom "was not of this worl"' and "the meek shall inherit the earth" needed to be redefined once Christendom became the religion of the state. Now, in their thinking, they inherited it. Instead of restoring the church to its biblical heritage, Calvin and his followers simply replaced the papal abomination with a Reformed one - complete with infant baptism, burning at the stake those who disagreed with them, Erastianism, a state church, and a rejection of the Millennium. Calvin even followed the Latin Vulgate and appealed to the same Augustine as Rome. Anyone who thinks Satan is bound needs their head examined.

The Old Testament prophecies not totally fulfilled in Christ's first coming and prophecies of Simeon in Luke's nativity narrative require a literal millennial reign. Contrary to Mr. Morrison's inventions, the New Covenant was never made with the church but with Israel and the Jews (Jeremiah31:31). The church does not displace or replace Israel, but non-Jews accepting Christ are grafted into something Jewish, while Jews rejecting Him are cut off from their own Olive Tree (Romans 11:19-24). Mr. Morrison manufactures fanciful notions of his own, and always has done. We cannot comment on the opinion of some that his hard anti Jewish line is a self hatred misdirected towards pre-millennial Christians and Jewish people in response to a bad relationship with his Jewish father or step father. I personally don't know and can not say. What I can say is that he is an exegetical charlatan.

As but one example, in his comparison of "peaches to onions" he compares a measurement of time in Revelation (1,000 years) to the "bottomless pit" or "great chain". In Mr. Morrison's misguided reasoning (which is not well reasoned, let alone biblically reasoned) if the "great chain" is symbolic, so is the 1,000 years. This is of course silly. In fact, in grammatical-historical construction, like is compared to like, not to the unlike. The other units of time in Revelation (the 3 1/2 years, 1260 days, etc. corresponding to Daniel's vision and recapitulating the events surrounding Antiochus IV which Jesus said happen again in Matt.25:15 ) are literal (as can be proven from Daniel and Apocryphal history), so there is no basis to say the 1.000 years is not. The other numbers are literal - such as 7 churches, so why should 1,000 be symbolic? There is simply no consistency in Mr. Morrison's deductions. They are rather eissegetical inventions of his own sad design.

One gets the distinct impression that Alan Morrison is a sad and unhappy man driven by obsessions more than motivated by The Holy Spirit. I do not dislike him. In fact, I think he is a man to be pitied.

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