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Sunday, 13 January 2008 23:15

Proponents Of A New Paradigm

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by Jackie Alnor

Aquarian Conspiracy Revisited

Early in the decade of the 1980s, a book rose to the best-sellers list that frightened many Christian leaders and marked the birth of the world's awareness of the new age movement. That book was The Aquarian Conspiracy, written by sociologist, Marilyn Ferguson. It was instantly recognized by the church as a threat to God's truth and a force to be reckoned with.

The Aquarian Conspiracy came to be known as the bible of the new agers and American Bookseller referred to the book as "The New Age watershed classic." :"(From the cover of the book, The Aquarian Conspiracy - 1987 edition.)": It drew a line in the sand between "us" and "them" -- true Christianity and the devil's counterfeit spirituality. The church at that time rightly discerned the new age movement, as outlined in Ferguson's book, to be demonically inspired in preparation for the anticipated unveiling of the man of sin -- the antichrist.

Ferguson identified this new age movement as an unconscious conspiracy between people around the world whose souls were being transformed in preparation for the next evolutionary leap in humankind. The transformation would be complete when a critical mass of the new revolutionaries took the helm of all areas of life. This would then usher in a new age of peace and harmony on Mother Earth.

All areas of society needed to be changed to achieve the new era -- education, politics, the arts, ethics & morals, and religion. Ferguson called the moment of entry into the new consciousness 'the paradigm shift."

"New perspectives give birth to new historic ages," Ferguson explained "Humankind has had many dramatic revolutions of understanding -- great leaps, sudden liberation from old limits. . . A paradigm is a scheme for understanding and explaining certain aspects of reality. . . Usually at the point of crisis, someone has a great heretical idea. A powerful new insight explains the apparent contradictions. It introduces a new principle -- a new perspective."

"New paradigms are nearly always received with coolness, even mockery and hostility," Ferguson continued. "The idea may appear bizarre, even fuzzy, at first because the discoverer made an intuitive leap and does not have all the data in place yet." :"(Ferguson, Marilyn, The Aquarian Conspiracy, @1980, J. P. Tarcher, Inc., Los Angeles, distributed by St. Martin's Press, New York. Pg. 27.)":

She went on to explain that initially the paradigm shift is not usually recognized by everyone -- old thinkers don't go along with it. But it becomes so pervasive in society that the children of the old order fall in line with it.

"But the new paradigm gains ascendance. A new generation recognizes its power. When a critical number of thinkers has accepted the new idea, a collective paradigm shift has occurred. Enough people have caught onto the new perspective, or have grown up with it, to form a consensus." :"(Ibid., pg. 28.)":

It would appear that Ferguson's vision has indeed occurred in the world, to an extent. What she calls "the spirit of the age" :"(Ibid., pg 18.)": has come into power in the lives of unbelievers around the globe. New Agers spoke often in the 1980s of a new perspective in the field of medicine, where Eastern Mysticism would be joined with modern science. Now today holistic health is no longer considered quackery. Self-hypnosis is common and meditation and altered states of consciousness, under the banner of relaxation therapies, are no longer seen as suspect.

The new age movement has made similar strides in the area of the arts. Hollywood has made the paradigm shift and now presents occultism and psychic phenomenon as commonplace and no longer exclusively seen only in Sci-Fi movies.

In other areas of society, new age ideas of tolerance for homosexuality and other perversions are now in the mainstream. Vice departments in law enforcement no longer exist. All perversions are now OK and accepted as alternate lifestyles.

The new age movement has also achieved its goal in society through the feminist movement. Traditional roles of the genders are now a thing of the past. Marriage is becoming obsolete as now more babies are born out of wedlock than to married couples. The idea of family life has taken on the new age idea of a variety of domestic situations that would be considered unacceptable in our parents' day.

All this just goes to show that what the Bible refers to as "the god of this world" is certainly in control of this world system. He has had his way in the world. But, is he having his way with the church as well?

Critical Mass in the Church

"There's about to be a wind from heaven that's about to blow," announced Phil Munsey from the stage of TBN's Conway Twitty auditorium in Nashville. "Everything that's been going that way -- there's going to be a shift going on in the heavenlies. There's going to be a paradigm shift in the philosophies of men. Already now Mother Earth is groaning in travail, laboring pains right now, ready to give birth to something big and something mighty and wonderful. And when that wind blows and what was once first and those will be last when it turns around, everybody will turn around and the last will be first." :"(Munsey, Phil, 'Praise the Lord' program, TBN, 10/10/97 presented in Paw Creek Ministries' video tape, 'Trinity Broadcast Network: Temple to the Gods and Goddesses.')":

As Munsey heralded those words, TBN co-founder Jan Crouch jumped to her feet from her seat on the platform and clapped her hands and shouted.

"The church is about to make a quantum leap," Munsey continued. "Hear me! We

are about to go from horse and buggy mindset. We're like a top right now. We're like a pressure cooker. We have been stuck for so long and everybody else has been making advancements in technology, in medicine, in every arena, but the church remains stuck in its same mindset with a big god inside of it." :"(Ibid.)":

Phil Munsey also recognizes the strides the new age has made in other areas of our society, and apparently does not want the church to be left behind. And the TBN crowd cheered him on in his pep rally for the new paradigm.

Pastor and teacher, Joseph Chambers, rightly pointed out in his video production "Trinity Broadcast Network: Temple to the Gods & Goddesses [sic]," that TBN is at the helm of bringing the global church into a new religious paradigm -- one that Marilyn Ferguson would approve of.

"A paradigm shift has occurred," said Chambers after playing the Phil Munsey

clip. "There's no question but that this new mystery of iniquity is seeking to replace and supplant the mystery of godliness as revealed in 1 Timothy 3:16." :"(Ibid.)":

Since this broadcast was seen around the world, many new believers and unsuspecting Christians entered into Munsey's new age vision and stayed tuned in for the next word from God by the mouth of the new prophets. TBN is the new paradigm's best ally and biggest tool for bringing the critical mass of people together.

"The capacity to spread the gospel has multiplied a thousand times, possibly 10 thousand times as to what it was 30 years ago," noted the late Walter Martin in the mid-1980s. "Praise God, but the capacity to activate and circulate evil has now multiplied correspondingly which means that you have more people propagating evil with more technology than you have Christians propagating it with the truth. That means the information explosion of misinformation that will avalanche the church probably between now and the year 2000." :"(Martin, Walter, audio tape, 'Schismatic Sheep', pt. 1, circa 1986.)":

As it turns out, his words were prophetic. The church has been bombarded with an avalanche of false teaching over the past 20 years which has laid the foundation for the new church, the false one, to prosper and take center stage.

The latest rhetoric that is consistently spouted by TBN guests and regulars is that God is doing a new thing and pouring out new wine that cannot be poured into old wineskins. The old wineskins are identified as the mainstream evangelical churches that they say is set in her ways and will be left out of the new thing God is doing.

"How many are ready to get into the new?"  Clement shouts. "How many are willing to break away from the old that's been shattered?" :"(Praise the Lord 2/6/2000)":

Some TBN prophets have spoken of a civil war in the church in which they intend to be the victors and take their rightful place in the world. Or as Ferguson pointed out, the new paradigm will be enemies of the old paradigm -- those who won't go along with the new revelation.

The TBN crowd is indeed waging a war against orthodoxy and poisoning the waters against the true church to paint them as a bunch of Pharisees that shouldn't be listened to. There is an obvious campaign being launched by the Crouches and other TBN insiders to ostracize those who try to bring correction to the body of Christ. The critics are blackballed from TBN's airwaves and compromisers who remain silent are rewarded and given places of importance and sometimes even their own TBN-sponsored programs in exchange for them looking the other way.

TBN viewers are unknowingly being conditioned to despise those who would dare to judge others' teachings and practices or who would dare to "touch God's anointed," a label given to Christian leaders who operate in the supernatural. The spirit behind TBN's paradigm ensures that Christians put aside any critical thinking in order to ensure that the new way of thinking is not challenged. Those who get in the way are labeled as "heresy hunters" or they are said to have religious spirits and are not to be taken seriously.

However, the spirit (or spirits) in control of the direction of TBN is a religious spirit, no doubt. It is the same spirit that is directing the secular world, using the same message, but dressed in religious jargon.

Doctrines of Devils

What are some of the new ideas that the 'spirit of the age' or the 'god of this world' is bringing into the church with the help of TBN? How are they similar to the ideas that the same unclean spirit has brought into the secular world?

The most obvious common theme between the two is the idea of a man-powered new era of peace, prosperity, and dominion. The new age movement got its name from the philosophy that in the age of Aquarius, when the Piscine age is faded away, they would achieve a united one-world system of harmony of the nations and put an end to war, hunger, ignorance, and pollution.

Similarly, the new church paradigm is preaching a new era also, a time when the children of God would hold their rightful place in the world by taking over all areas and having dominion over the world and the unbelievers. The vision is one where the righteous will inherit the land and take the wealth of the wicked to themselves. They would be masters in the area of the arts, education, the media, politics, and every other area of life. The kingdoms of this world would look to them for leadership. Or as the TBN mantra puts it "We're the head and not the tail!" All this would be accomplished before the return of Christ -- they will have a kingdom without the King.

In the new age system, the patriarchy steps aside and the matriarchy takes her rightful place of authority. The feminist movement, so empowered by new age thinking, has accomplished this for the most part. The government has even put in place equal opportunity laws that force the corporate and political world to have hiring quotas for women.

In the new church the women's movement is gaining ground in the same way. Women are now equally represented on the rolls of seminaries and are being ordained in the liberal churches as well as most, if not all, charismatic/Pentecostal denominations. The Bible teaching that women are not to be in authority over men in the family of God has been cast aside as a macho bigoted concept.

The New Age teaches that after the paradigm shift man becomes super-human and evolves from Homosapien to Homonoeticus, which is the next evolutionary step for humankind. The new man and woman outsurpasses the old order of man and has accomplished enlightenment, no longer trapped into the old way of thinking.

The new church paradigm speaks of the coming New Breed of Christian who has become perfected so that he/she can walk in supernatural signs and wonders and speak with authority against all the principalities and powers that come against their plans. They refer to this 'New Breed' as the manifestation of the sons of God, a term the Bible uses to describe the resurrected saints during the coming Millennial rule of Christ on Earth. They become the gods (with a little 'g') of the new era, more powerful than the apostles in the first century church.

The New Age paradigm promotes tolerance. Everybody has a little truth and should not reject anyone else's beliefs, other than those of intolerant people. Nobody is to be told they are wrong or their lifestyle is sinful. The only enemy of the new age person is the true Christian church that dares to present morals and ethics as black and white.

The ecumenical movement within the new church paradigm preaches unity in diversity, same as the new age model. The cry of unity within this new church chooses to overlook false doctrines and accept any who name of name of Christ, whether they be Roman Catholic, Mormon or Moonie. They say Christ can't come back for His bride until they become one and quit judging one another's beliefs. The solid Bible believers are seen as the enemy of the new church order. You can't turn on TBN now-a-days without hearing somebody slam biblical Christians.

Unfriendly Fire

I have been on the receiving end of insane hostility from TBN supporters in response to my reporting in our Christian Sentinel magazine and web page. I have written articles evaluating the teachings of TBN insiders such as Paul & Jan Crouch, Marilyn Hickey, Benny Hinn, and Rodney Howard-Browne, only to get letters and e-mails from angry supporters making spiritual threats against me. They never deal with the facts -- facts aren't important to these followers. I'm just told I'm not to judge these leaders unless I can garner crowds as large as they can. If my ministry doesn't have as big a bank account as those I examine, I have no right to question them.

The leaven of the "judge not" comes up all the time in Christian chat-rooms. One that I frequent is that of Zola Levitt's ministry at 'www.levitt.com.' Because Zola buys airtime on TBN, yet is a solid teacher himself, those who contribute to the discussions are a mixture of TBN supporters and solid Bible believers. Some of the discussions, therefore, get rather heated. One can read through the chats and see the line between the old and the new paradigm very clearly.

A defender of the faith :"(From Zola Board -- via Logos2 writer.)": on the Zola Board shared his thoughts on the upcoming "civil war" that today's "prophet's" are predicting to occur between the old and the new church.

"In 1984 Bob Jones of the Kansas City false prophets, according to Wes Campbell :"(Quoted from a Toronto Airport Vineyard audio tape, dated 14/10/'94 .)": was told by 'god,' 'The Church is going to go into a time of deprivation.'

After that time 'god' was going to 'throw a massive party.' This was to be followed by a

bloody civil war in the Church.. . Counterfeit revivalists . . . have built on this false prophecy to project ideas about the civil war which is about to engulf the end time Church. They speak of the 'blue coats' from the North fighting the 'gray coats' from the South... the blue coats stand for the revelatory - the revelation, and the gray for gray matter - man's wisdom. Rick Joyner :"(Another supposed prophet left over from the Kansas City Prophets movement of the 1980s, pastor of MorningStar church in Charlotte, NC.)": is convinced that the grays, whom he characterizes as 'spiritually ruthless and cruel,' must be 'confronted and exposed and either converted or removed from their place of influence in the church. After the grays, who he says constitute ' nearly half of the believers in the world today', are defeated, there will be 'an entirely new definition of Christianity'. As Joyner declared, 'Believers and unbelievers alike will think that it is the end of Christianity as we know it, and it will be. Through this, the very definition of Christianity will be changed, for the better.'

"Fact is, if you alter 'Christianity' so that it's no longer recognizable, then it's no longer Christianity!"

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