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Saturday, 27 February 2010 11:10

Pray for Sarah Palin

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An American "Joan of Arc" in the Making?

By J. Jacob Prasch

Political opinions in this article reflect the convictions of the author only. Moriel Ministries assumes no party political position and as a Judeo-Christian organization has absolutely  no involvement in electoral politics. The purposes of this article are spiritual not political and the aim and intent is purely to  encourage prayer, nothing more.

In Sarah Palin most saved Christians see a fellow believer they want to trust. In her they see a wife and mother who is like their own saved Christian wife, mother, or sister. They see a Christian sister in faith just like the others in their church or home Bible study. We see her as the friendly girl next door type that we may remember from Sunday school or a Christian Youth group who married a fisherman after college and had a family.

In her youth Sarah led a Christian’s athletes fellowship and she attends a church like ours.  Before Obama’s meteoric appearance, Ted Kennedy was the liberal icon despite the stigma of being known as "The Senator from Chappaquiddick" squashed his presidential ambitions. But now Sarah is our icon and some speculate she could become the first female USA president to the probable angst of Hillary Clinton.

Sarah comes into prominence as Ted Kennedy dies and his Senate seat, the safest Democratic seat in the US Senate is unthinkably won by a Republican challenger in an ultra-liberal state. Here lies the contrast in which we cannot help but revel. But for us our pro-life icon Sarah is not like this. Her Christian faith is a key reason.

While Scott Brown defeated the Kennedy political machine (the first since Republican Robert Brooks, America’s first Afro-American member of the U.S. Senate to do so), Brown in fact is also not pro-life; he simply opposes federal abortion funding. Sarah Palin however is different, she is really "our princess", a virtual pro-life poster girl appearing in public and in the media with her handicapped little baby whom she loves as much and of whom she is as justifiably proud as any loving parent would be of any other baby. Yet Sarah’s baby is of the kind so called "pro-choice" advocates use as "would be" justification to promote their elective abortion cause despite only a minute percentage of abortions are performed on any obstetric grounds related to formative embryonic abnormality during gestation confirmed by amniocyntotic , ultrasound and other diagnosis; it is clinical  "abortus provacatus".   Yes, as believers, we love Sarah. How can we not? She is a saved Christian who made Christian moral choices and who holds to Judeo -Christian biblical values.

To the fascist pseudo liberal idiocracy however, she is of course an anathema. To begin with they do not like saved Christians generally. While politically conservative secular Jews generally like Evangelicals, liberal Jews are like any other liberals and dislike her as do Orthodox Jews who dislike the fact that her church is supportive of Jewish evangelism. Yet anti-Israel liberals dislike the fact that she and her church are supportive of Israel. But this is just the beginning.  When lesbian and pro-abortion activists see a mother who did not abort her handicapped baby, it is an indictment of them and a reminder of their failures as woman and mothers who killed their own babies whom in 99% of the cases were not handicapped with congenital birth defects. These simply used non-therapeutic abortion as a form of birth control. No matter what abject rhetoric radical feminists or lesbians hurl, they are reminded a dozen times a year that they are physically and psychologically designed with a built-in baby machine. They butcher their maternal instincts as they butchered their babies but Sarah reminds them not only of what they truly are but also of what are not. Neither does cuddling her learning impaired baby in front of a TV camera endear Sarah to an abortion industry that earns its cash profits from terminating such babies and wants them dead.

While confronted with the demise of Social Security and Medicare in the face of the demographic time bomb, the pro-abortion crowd expect the rest of us to remain oblivious to the fact that if they had not aborted 50 million babies in the USA there would be no crises. The same generation responsible for prolific and financially motivated abortion will reap the consequences of its actions with a financially motivated euthanasia. Still, we are expected to remain silent about these plain economic facts as we are the plain medical facts surrounding abortion in the name of a "woman’s right to choose" (with premature babies surviving as early as 17 weeks gestation due to advances in computerized incubational technology and neonatology and the prospect of formative birth defects being treated with advanced in ante natal laparoscopic surgery and in genetic medicine) we are left to ask : "What choice does the baby have"?.

We hear ridiculous arguments such as women’s health where "if you don’t kill the baby in sterilized conditions women will have to kill their babies with a coat hanger in septic conditions "“ and won’t we feel guilty?" However, we never see the National Organization of Women (which is only an organization of some women, but they chauvinistically impose themselves as spokesperson for all women with their name) warning about the statistical link between increased breast cancer and abortion, if they are really so concerned about women.

It often appears that as long as feminist can kill babies they don’t seem to mind if they are also killing women. Sarah Palin however, just by being a woman of Judeo-Christian moral conviction and the mother of a baby born with a handicap becomes the personification of opposition to this madness and atrocity. The ACLU types and the pseudo-liberal fascists just don’t like Sarah "“ but we sure do. Yet abortion is but one issue, how-be-it a vital one.

Barak Obama, who denounced patriotic citizens to his elitist San Francisco friends for "holding onto their Second Amendment Rights and their faith" was a member of Jeremiah Wright’s church which as its faith actually preached "God Damn America" and had Islamic racist Louis Farrakhan as a guest to the pulpit as Obama contributed a tax deductible $500 per week to this "church". Hockey mom Sarah Palin is a moose hunter with a telescopic rifle and committed to a scripturally Evangelical church. She is an anathema to Obama’s left wing fascists. (Indeed, the Nazis were also called "socialists".) Sarah is not elitist, but "folksy" in the character of a neo-Will Rogers style of straight talking that gets right up liberal noses and she does so with a smile and with grace. Yes, we all like Sarah. She inspires trust and conveys an air of decency that is visibly alternative in both image and substance to Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, or Hillary Clinton and the other two face ladies of the left.

The more the left kicks and insults Sarah ad nauseum , the more we love her and defend her.

We want an American Margaret Thatcher and we want a latter day Joan of Ark. But we can only have one or the other. Is it Sarah Palin and which of the two can she be? In times of crisis people who normally vote for phony politicians driven by a quest for personal political gain turn to a statesman driven by ideology. (In Great Britain Winston Churchill for all of his faults was an example of this, coming to power in the early failure of the Second World War, as was Margaret Thatcher coming to power in the aftermath of the Winter of Discontent when the Labour Party welfare state finally broke down throwing Britain into a social and political panic).  Having replaced one inept president with another, the USA is now in a crisis looking for an ideologue to rescue the nation that Obama and Bush were better at very seriously damaging.

Obama’s first act as president was to lie. He promised all legislation would be on the Internet five days before any debate or vote with no more pork or ear marks. Instead his 1,300 page stimulus package of earmarks (Frisbee® ranges, swine odor research, etc.) was distributed to congress 11PM the night before the vote promising if they would just put our grandchildren into colossal debt that unemployment would remain under 8%. It is of course at 10% but when those no longer looking for work, the under-employed, and tradesmen not getting work are included it is closer to 20%, and this does not count undocumented workers or those gone into post-graduate education and more student debt only because they cannot find work. Short term government jobs such as census takers will hardly be a stop gap. Small businesses create the most jobs in the economy, but Obama has pledged to increase taxes on small entrepreneurs  once they earn $250,000 per year which is the level one needs to reach to begin to effectively employ others and create new jobs.

Obama does not impress people. He is an inarticulate man of low intelligence like his predecessor George W. Bush but can charismatically read teleprompted speeches and campaign effectively. But once in the Oval Office it became clear that Obama is a fiscal incompetent animated only by progressivist ideology who is out of touch with economic and strategic reality, out of touch with most of the people and who is someone devoid of experience and ability who actually can’t do anything.

So the USA is now entering a climate where a many people will flock to a leader governed by principles not politics.  Understandably tired of the rancid stink of two ugly dynasties "“ Clinton and Bush, America turned to a candidate of change who is incapable of transforming anything except for the worse, only to realize it was bamboozled by an unskilled leader and weak incompetent surrounded by others like himself.  It was a chain of Democrat politicians such as Carter, Clinton, Dodd, and Barney Frank who primarily caused the sub-prime mess that triggered the current downturn with the help of Obama "“ the ACORN lawyer who judiciously pushed for sub-prime, Rahm Emmanuel who made $16 million on it, and tax cheat Timothy Geithner who let it happen when he was chairman of the NY Fed. Now the same cast of characters who, more than Republicans, engineered the catastrophe are elected to get us out of it . People are in fear of collapse and America realizes it has gone from farce to fiasco not only on the economic front as the specter of a potential run on the dollar looms and our grandchildren are plunged into unbelievable debt spiraling out of control and consuming the GNP but also in the area of national security.

Most Americans want health care reform, but not Obama’s monstrosity of socialized medicine that does not already work well in other countries that have it. They do not want his agenda to further inflate the already nearly insurmountable deficit nationalizing sixth of the economy, slashing Medicare and driving up costs further, creating a new outrageous tax burden, and placing our health and well-being in the hands of a over-sized federal bureaucracy that has repeatedly shown itself to be too wasteful to fund and to incompetent to function efficiently. Only 5% of Americans have health care reform as their number one priority, yet Obama squandered more than his first year in office trying to force down the public’s throats something a uniform majority do not want, democracy be damned.

Obama is moreover correctly perceived as a weak inexperienced leader and dismissed as an impotent  joke by Iran, Russia, China, and Venezuela sending the wrong  signal to our allies and undermining Israel. Obama, in the character of Jimmy Carter, personifies a perceived deficit in national resolve and is emblematic of American weakness, not strength. His terrorist-friendly Attorney General Eric Holder is more concerned with prosecuting American intelligence agents for violating the rights of terrorists trying to kill us and according these savages the Miranda rights of the American citizens who they are trying to murder. His Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano said "the system worked" after the underwear bomb of the Christmas suicide bomber malfunctioned and failed to detonate after Hilary Clinton’s State Department gave him a visa despite being known as a threat by British intelligence. Obama blocked congressional investigations into the Ft. Hood terror attack and refuses to call the war on terror a war on terror. People are not only afraid of economic collapse but of a terror attack where Iran or North Korea could provide a small nuclear weapon to terrorists and disclaim responsibility. Without scare mongering, anyone who is not afraid is as much of a moron as the one they stupidly elected. Thinking people are seeking a Churchill or a Thatcher. But if Sarah Palin ever does rise to the occasion, she may be more of a Joan of Arc.

While much of the history of Joan of Arc is bound up with post-facto Roman Catholic traditions and Middle Ages folk lore, documents of her trial reveal a certain amount of material accurate in its historicity. Claiming to hear from heaven and being led of God (also by superstition or delusion visitation of the ghosts of various Roman Catholic saints), Joan came out of obscurity in 15th Century France during a strategic and political  low ebb in The Hundred Years War. She was not educated, but she was spiritually minded and an inspiring figure who came from the ordinary people that she understood and who understood her. She had an inert leadership ability that caused despondent people to rally her because a sense of hope and confidence radiated from her. Although not schooled in military or political affairs she attributed her formidable military success to divine guidance.

Joan however faced not one but two enemies. The first was the English-Burgundian alliance that had invaded France, but the second was the political intrigue in the regal and ecclesiastical establishment within her own ranks. She was not from a patrician family but an ordinary one. The political shenanigans that followed the coronation of Charles VII whose ascension to power her victories facilitated led to her capture by the Burgundians, her sale as a captive to the English, and abandonment by King Charles VII. Joan saw the obvious enemy without for what they were, but not the co-equally treacherous enemies , political and ecclesiastical within. In light of her actions , I can only fear that Sarah is of kindred spirit.  She seems to suffer from the same delusion as Sean Hannity "“ knowing what the obvious enemy is but blindly seeing their own party as being better when it certainly is not but is rather no less treacherous.

Sarah is a Republican who among other things subscribes to the myth of Reagan.

Sarah does not see that Barak Obama is simply the Democratic Ronal Reagan. Obama is a fiscal madman who quadrupled the national deficit "“ so did Reagan.

  • It was Reagan who first got America addicted to debt and deficit spending with his own Vice President George H. Bush calling his economics "voodoo", his budget director David Stockman saying it can’t work, and his chief economic adviser Murray Weidenbaum resigning in disgust at Reagan’s detachment from reality.  With the market crash of 1987 , Reagan appeared on TV urging Americans to spend borrowed money that needed to be repaid with interest, yet many silly naïve people somehow imagine Reagan to have been a fiscal conservative. Sister Sarah seems to be one of them.

The undeniable fact is that Republicans Ronald Reagan like George W. Bush were both fiscal     harbingers of Obama.  Obama merely took the irresponsible hyper deficit policies first set by Reagan and expanded by Bush further down same the road the Republicans put the USA on to.

  • It was Reagan who tripled California state taxes as governor setting the stage for the tax revolt, and who turned America from the world’s biggest lender to its biggest borrower with outlandishly escalated trade deficits with China and Japan.
  • If Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about Monica Lewinsky, why was Reagan not impeached for lying about having sold American weapons and military hardware to terrorist Iran?
  • We decry Obama’s administration staffed with misfits, forgetting it was Reagan who like his fellow Republican for whom he campaigned, Richard Nixon, ran one of the most corrupt and sleazy White Houses in history with his cohorts from Weinberger to Meese to Poindexter, all indicted and some receiving presidential pardons from his successor George H. Bush.

We rightly decry Obama’s weakness in handling Iran but ignoring that the Reagan administration armed terrorist Iran, lied about it to the nation and congress, and Reagan was never impeached. It was Reagan’s White House  who ordered 242 wounded marines from Lebanon medivacked to Britain and Germany arriving dead on arrival instead of flying them to the nearby surgical hospitals in Israel so as not to offend MUSLIM opinion, and it was Reagan who did not remove Weinberger when Caspar Weinberger did not carry out presidential orders to retaliate for fear of offending the Saudis or jeopardizing Bechtel contracts of his previous employer.

It was Reagan who guaranteed the interest on the Polish communist debt even once the Iron Curtain began to crumble with even Gerald Ford saying that Reagan’s claim to  bringing down the Soviet empire is exaggerated as it was imploding already.  It was Reagan who gave full diplomatic recognition to the Vatican but above all it was Reagan who flatly lied to Conservative Pro-life Evangelical America

Promising to be anti-abortion but appointing pro abortion Sandra Day O’Connor to the Supreme Court. It was O’Connor who  penned the court’s decision outlawing Texas anti sodomy laws opening the flood gates for same sex marriage and who also wrote the court’s decision to order the Ten Commandments out of the Alabama Judicial building citing foreign "European juridical precedent" for her decisions all courtesy of a Reagan Republican.  As we have reiterated elsewhere, it was Eisenhower’s  Earl Warren Republican Supreme court that  ordered God out of the classroom, it was Nixon’s Warren Berger Supreme Court that ordered God out of the maternity ward with Roe v. Wade, and it was Reagan’s Supreme Court appointee who ordered God out of the courtroom. In substance and practice Ronald Reagan was everything a liberal Democrat president ever was plus a liar on top of it.

Reagan had a Hollywood divorce and remarriage to a woman who consulted fortune tellers to give him advice how to run the country. Obama can say nothing right without a teleprompter (or pronounce "˜corpsman’ with one), without his wife in whispering in back of him Reagan would babble that trees cause 85% of pollution.

An objective review of history proves that Reagan was a grade B actor hired by the Republican Party establishment to play the role of conservative "“ that is what he was and all he was. Yet Sarah, as with so many naïve Christians, thinks Reagan to have been one of the good guys. Reagan was a member of the CFR (blasphemous to true conservatives), a Hollywood divorcee and a free mason (reprehensible to conservative Evangelicals), and was married to a woman upon whom he was politically dependent and who by scriptural definition was a witch who together with her mate Jean Dixon practiced what God’s Word  unambiguously condemns as witchcraft. This was Ronald Reagan. Like Obama, Reagan said one thing but did another and with his hyper deficits, policies on dealing with terror (supplying Iran) harmed the country. The facts establish that Obama and Reagan are two of a kind.

Sarah cannot see this however even though the facts of history make it rather plain.

Likewise her Republican Party is now simply lying to Tea Party members just as they also lied to the "religious right". Pretending to be conservative they will throw the conservatives to the garbage barrel of political history and it will be business as usual conducted by the party establishment as we saw with the Bushes, Reagan’s "Kitchen Cabinet", Nixon’s corruption, a Gerald Ford handing out pardons to criminals who belong in jail, and a Karl Rove orchestrating the electoral con artistry, complete with the usual assortment of Tri-Lateralists, Council for Foreign Relations (CFR)  hobnobs, and Free Masons.

Nixon and Reagan both promised tp move the Republican Party to the right but ultimately did not anymore than Obama has fulfilled his promises to bring change. The only changes either worthless party are capable of bringing are changes for the worse. Unless America reverts to a biblical faith we will continue to get the useless leaders we deserve as a backslidden nation with a backsliding Evangelical church controlled by theocratic heretics such as Rick Warren, Brian McLaren, Bill Hybels and religious con-artist televangelists like Pat Robertson with his Liberian blood diamond deals, and the antics of Benny Hinn and the gaudy ear ring false teacher Joyce Meyer. We reap in the fiscal , strategic, and social world what we sow in the spiritual and theological. The Republican Party in substance and in practice has consistently been as anti-Christian as the Democrats. They just lie to undiscerning Christians better. The Republican Party is also no more conservative and has not been for generations.

As Americans died in Viet Nam, Republicans Nixon and Kissinger expanded trade and transfers of credit to the Communist Chinese and Soviets who were in turn supplying the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong with the guns and ammunition to kill Americans. When has The Republican Party ever not been a part of treason?  After September 11th radical Islamic attacks on the USA the international oil interest owned and operated Bush-Cheney administration continued the express visa program (already suspended in Europe) for Saudi Arabians  to have easy and near automatic entry into the USA despite Al Qaeda being a Saudi organized and funded engine of terror and nearly all of the 911 terrorists being Saudi. The efforts to downplay the Saudi citizenship of Bin Laden and the funding of Al Qaeda by Saudi princes, members of the House of Saud which is the de facto Saudi government were instant by a George Bush whose father called the Saudis "˜our friends’ as they arrested and flogged Christians.

In order to "honor Islam" after the 911 attacks Bush placed a Koran (as book teaching "god has no son" making it "antichrist" according to the epistle of John) in the White House and began celebrating Ramadan in the White House. Can anyone imagine Winston Churchill placing a copy of Mein Kampf in Number 10 Downing Street after the Nazi blitz on London?  Would America or Britain have allowed Nazi institutions with Nazi ideology or Imperial Japanese Shintoist funded institutions with Nazi ideology to operate on American soil after Pearl Harbor? Would even Roosevelt have handed visas to Kamikaze pilots after Pearl Harbor as the Republicans did to Saudis after Saudi suicide bombers attacked our country? Indeed, what kind of President would refuse to protect the nation’s borders in a time of war? THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE: "a Republican". Yet this is exactly what the Bush-Cheney regime did after September 11th with Saudi funded mosques and institutions holding to the radical Wahabist Sharia, anti-Western, anti- democracy, anti-Jewish intolerance but pro-jihadist ideology while a single church cannot be built in Saudi Arabia. A single copy of the  Judeo-Christian scriptures cannot be brought into Saudi Arabia while Bush and Cheney celebrate Ramadan with a Koran in the White House. We wonder if Cheney knows what would happen to his lesbian daughter under Saudi Islamic law?

Eisenhower presented Egypt and Syria to the Soviets on a silver platter. Nixon went Keynesian (resulting in a virtual default on the US dollar). Reagan and Bush Sr. swelled the deficits, crucified the trade balance, plunged America into mega debt and armed the Iranians then tried to cover it up. This is to say nothing of arming the Libyans during the Wilson affair, or the Noriega fiasco when Bush directed the CIA.  Bush Jr. used 911 as an opportunity to get down on his knees and lick the camel dung from the sandals of our Saudi Islamist enemies on behalf of America and the West.

Even more outrageous still, no better than Obama, the Republican Bush-Cheney administration did nothing to close down the Saudi-funded Council on American Islamic Relations despite the documented links of its officials with Muslim terror by the US Justice Department. The Republican Bush administration, just like Obama, betrayed the families of 911 and its victims pushing in the courts for immunity from legal liability of Saudi princes who funded Al Qaeda.  The question is not only how are the Republicans any better, but how are they any different? Poor Sarah just doesn’t get it.

Although not as administratively unqualified and inexperienced as Barak Obama (few are that incompetent), Sarah could not reply to a simple question on "The Bush Doctrine" concerning terror, apparently because she didn’t seem to even know what it was. I love Sarah Palin , but she looks to be out of her league. Her one saving grace in addition to her faith may be her husband whom it appears has common sense; he no longer considers himself to be a Republican.  Sarah lacks legislative experience as Obama lacks administrative experience. She resigned as Alaska governor due to media pressure exerted against her family and political pressures that affected her family. Does Sarah somehow imagine that such a magnitude of notorious unjust  pressure will decrease if she aspires to the presidency?

The Republican party elite will seek to use and manipulate Sarah Palin in the way that Joan of Arc was similarly "played for a sucker". The will see her as an instrument to help defeat Obama so they can restore themselves to power and get on with the business of destroying the country in place of Obama doing it.   It will again be "business as usual". Many would say that the Republicans broke their last contract with America as any other pack of hypocritical liars and self serving villains would, and to manipulate the Tea Party card they will play, "If you don’t support us Obama will be re-elected" "“ as if they are any better. Political rhetoric, feigned conservatism, and pretended Judeo-Christian values are just the perfume that Republican Party hacks use to disguise the stinking heap of garbage they and their party truly are. They will try to use Sarah Palin to camouflage what they really are selling her their bill of defective goods so they can in turn use her to sell it to us. Only a gullible clown can believe anything else.

Sarah Palin is not a George W. Bush make-believe Christian who says he is "Born Again" at election time but faces Mecca and prays to a Saudi oil well placing a copy of a Koran that rejects Christ as God’s Son in the White House and singing the praises of Islam after 911 on the White House lawn. Unlike George W. Bush, neither is Sarah Palin an unprincipled and inarticulate person of low intelligence.  Like Bush however, Sarah is tragically and unfortunately a Republican.

Sarah Palin is a fine lady, a fine Christian wife and mother, a beautiful sister in faith, a competent ideologue, a sincere patriot, a genuine friend of Israel, a fiscal and social conservative as well as strategic conservative, and a skilled politician "“ all of which help make her the ideal poster girl for the Tea Party Movement.  Any Christian husband would be blessed of God to have such a godly wife who is as intelligent and capable as she is attractive, and her children , friends, and members of her church can be justly proud of her and thank God for her. I actually think that Sarah herself is the genuine article.

But if she ventures beyond this into the realm of presidential politics my great fear is that she will be the American Joan of Arc.  She will be used by an ideologically abject and ethically bankrupt Republican Party that is as godless, anti-American, incompetent, and sleazy as its alternative. Then like Joan of Arc, she will be tossed away. In the character of  Joan of Arc, Sarah is very astute in  recognizing the enemy without, but as with Joan of Arc also, she is oblivious to the co-equally lethal and unprincipled enemy within.

The Republican Party of today is not the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln.  But Sarah thinks it is.

Sarah Palin is our sister in Jesus and co-patriot who wants to do right in a party that is wrong; too wrong to ever make right.  May God Bless Sarah Palin and her family and keep her being Sarah Palin and from allowing her to become an American Joan of Arc.  Moriel and Jacob Prasch urge our readers to please pray for our sister in faith Sarah Palin.

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