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Dear David,

I've felt led to get in touch with you in relation to your unexpected dismissal from Moriel Ministries and the way in which Moriel staff have behaved towards you since that time. On several occasions, you've expressed confusion about these things.1

I'm convinced that this letter -- which has been written with much prayer and care -- can clear up not just your confusion about Moriel but also the confusion you rightly observe has been caused to many other folks by this whole situation.2

In the detailed document you sent to Moriel's trustees following your removal from that organization, you recommended your video 'The Doctrine of the Laying on of Hands'.3This video raises a number of important questions, three of which are listed below. I believe the answers to these three questions will, together, provide the key to the mystery of why Moriel staff are now treating you the way they are.

To keep the body of this letter as short as decently possible, the bulk of the supporting material has been placed in the endnotes, along with comprehensive source references.4If anyone reading this letter isn't certain about a point made in it, the relevant endnote(s) should provide everything they need to be reassured.

(1) The Holy Spirit Sometimes *Controls*Christians?

In the video, you say: "There have been times when the power of God has come upon me and I haven't been able to move. I've literally not been able to move."5Further excerpts along the same lines from the video are reproduced in this endnote.6They imply that believers are sometimes controlled by the Spirit of God.

The problem is that the fruit of the Holy Spirit includes *self*-control (Galatians 5:22-23; 1 Corinthians 14:32), which seems hard to reconcile with such remarks. Perhaps more significantly, God is love (1 John 4:8b) and Christianity is a relationship based on love.

Are you positive that a perfect God, in a relationship based on love, would *force* the object of His love to physically do something against their will -- unless it was a chastisement? And, if so, are you sure the Bible says it is the Holy Spirit that does it?7

A fuller treatment of this topic is given in a book, published back in 2005, which is freely downloadable from the web today. Please see this endnote.8

(2) The Holy Spirit Is *Transferable* BetweenChristians?

The video also teaches that there is sometimes a "transfer" of the Holy Spirit from one believer to another. For instance, you say: "The Spirit of God upon an individual in the case of Moses ... is then transferred upon Joshua".9A number of similar statements appear in the video.10

You call this belief "elementary",11but none of the verses you cite actually mentions a transfer of the Holy Spirit from one fallen being to another. You argue that the episode when Moses prayed for Joshua is such a case, but to make the passage fit your position you have to change the most pivotal word in it and reverse the meaning of two others.12

As you know, the Holy Spirit is a person. Surely He cannot be transferred from one fallen human to another? In a possible attempt to get around this problem, you regularly use other terms such as "glory"13or "anointing",14but you evidently still mean the Holy Spirit, because you say, "There was a transfer of the glory, of the Spirit of God, of the anointing of God that was on Moses' life, and there was a transfer of that onto Joshua".15

Your video goes on to state that some, or all, of the gifts of the Spirit or "charismata" can be transferred between believers.16But again, you provide no passages that actually teach this, even though you describe the idea as "foundational".17

The video also suggests that any Christian who "lays hands on" another believer is depleted, if only briefly, of whatever is being "transferred" from them.18But where does Scripture tell us this? How can we give someone part of the Holy Spirit on us?19

You further teach that, during the laying on of hands, the "transfer" of spiritual blessing takes place *physically* through the hands.20Once again, your video doesn't offer any Bible passages saying this, despite you calling the doctrine "fundamental".21When Scripture declares things like, "God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul" (Acts 19:11), it doesn't mean healing power physically passed through Paul's hands.22The phrase "by the hands of" is merely an expression; a Biblical Hebraism. The Bible often makes statements such as, "the LORD ... spake by the hand of his servant Ahijah the prophet" (1 Kings 14:18) but God did not *literally* speak through Ahijah's hand.23

Your video makes much of the passages in the Old Testament where there was a "transfer" -- as you term it -- of the sin of an individual, or of the entire nation of Israel, onto an animal through the laying on of hands. But, in both these scenarios, the laying on of hands was only *symbolic*. In fact, you admit at one point in the video that the sin wasn't literally transferred.24Just as baptism is only symbolic and the bread and wine in Holy Communion are only symbolic, so too is the physical act of the laying on of hands.

The Holy Spirit resides in our spirit, not in the sinews of our fallen bodies.25Whatever it is that you are transferring to people via your version of the laying on of hands, I'm afraid it isn't the Holy Spirit. You should be aware, though, that there is something from the spirit realm that *can* be transferred between two parts of this fallen universe -- i.e. spiritual uncleanness (e.g. see Matthew 8:31; Mark 5:13; or Haggai 2:11-14). For more on all this, I recommend chapter 29 of the book mentionedearlier.

(3) The Holy Spirit Makes People Fall*Backwards*?

Towards the end of your video, you discuss the phenomenon known as "Slaying in the Spirit",26and you list several instances in the Bible where people fell to the ground in the presence of God.

You say, for example, "John 18 verse 6: Those who came to arrest Jesus. Jesus said to them 'I Am' and they all fell backwards [David, I beg you to take note of the *direction* in which all these opponents of God went]. Ezekiel. It happened to him a number of times as [sic] John 18 verse 6."27Your video equates the experience of "those who came to arrest Jesus" with what happened to Ezekiel. But these episodes differ in two crucial respects.

Ezekiel saw "the likeness of the glory of the LORD", and the description is awesome. It must have been a frightening experience -- as it was for the Apostle John (Revelation 1:17-18). When a person wants to show reverence and submission, they fall on their face. This would explain why Ezekiel, on both the occasions you cite, fell on his "face". I regret that you never mention this but instead erroneously claim that Ezekiel wrote, "I

became as one dead".28(Your video also refers to the time when Daniel fell down in God's presence,29but for some reason you again completely misquote the passage and end up hiding the fact that Daniel wrote: "I was *afraid*, and fell upon my *face*".30)

By contrast, the men who "came to arrest Jesus" were patently *not* fearful -- because after they "all fell backwards" they got up and continued with the arrest. Clearly they were *forced* to fall. (Every Bible reference to falling backwards or being forced backwards occurs to people who were disobeying God. E.g. see Isaiah 28:13; 44:25; or Psalm 70:2.)

So, if a man falls on his *face* of his own volition out of fear when confronted by God's terrifying might and holiness (or by the prospect of eternal torment in Hell), it is utterly different from being *made* to fall *backwards*. The Psalmist declares, "let them be *DRIVEN* *backward* and put to shame that wish me evil" (Psalm 40:14b), but your video makes no distinction at all between the two situations. What's more, you say you've renamed the phrase 'Slaying in the Spirit' to "the Charismatic BACK-FLIP",31indicating that the typical result from your version of the laying on of hands is that recipients fall backwards. (To anyone who has a problem with your teaching here, you urge them, on multiple occasions, to instead receive the laying on of hands "sitting down".32You are perhaps forgetting what happened to Eli in 1 Samuel 4:18. He'd rebelled against God and he "...fell from off the seat *backward* ... and his neck brake, and he died".)

So, what is really going on when folks are physically made to do something by an unseen entity, or when some 'power' from the spirit realm is "transferred" across two parts of this fallen universe, or when a person falls backwards (or does anything else that would be inappropriate for an "unprofitable servant" to do before the throne of our "great and terrible" King33) when they've had hands laid on them...?

In the Old Testament, an Israelite could easily become spiritually unclean by touching things such as accursed objects34or dead bodies.35Today, if you let someone lay hands on you without ensuring they are 'right' with God, you are flagrantly disobeying 1 Timothy 5:2236and 2 Corinthians 6:17b, so God is not going to protect you from being 'infected' with their spiritual uncleanness.37Yet, in your video you say, "If we love the Lord and our

heart is towards God, we are kept and protected. There's *nothing* to fear."38According to this statement, we can ignore the warning in 1 Peter 5:8 to "Be sober, be vigilant"; we can forget numerous other warnings in Scripture (e.g. about being discerning; fearing God; and being "wise as serpents" rather than gullible); and God's word is plain wrong when it assures us, "My people are destroyed for lack of *knowledge*" (Hosea 4:6a).

Many Western Christians these days do not believe they can have a curse operating on their life. If they were to purchase an ouija board or some other accursed object, they would rapidly change their mind. I beseech them not to try it, though. A much safer option would be to ask themselves why Christian women of child-bearing age still experience their 'monthly curse' if they are free from the curse God placed on Eve. This endnote gives more such evidence, plus answers to common objections.39

*** D.N.A. (David Nathan Analysis) ***

We all have errors in our understanding. And we all make mistakes. (And if we are honest, I imagine most Westerners like me who have been saved for a number of decades have also needed to repent of at least one comparatively major sin committed after our conversion -- I know I have.40) But your beliefs discussed above are hugely troubling in view of your claim that you possess "a *clear* understanding of what a Word of Faith teacher is involved in" and that you've "taught against [these things] ... for 25 years".41

My guess is that your errors caused someone at Moriel to become suspicious and to examine your video more closely to try to determine whether your misleading material is accidental or deliberate -- i.e. to find out what is in your spiritual 'DNA'.

You teach that Christians must accept your erroneous doctrine on the laying on of hands in order to remain part of the true Church.42Biblically, this means you are a heretic. On its own it doesn't make you a false teacher. But Moriel's founder has decided you are the latter.43So, what is thetruth...?

If we look at the *methods* you employ to propagate your beliefs, we'll be able to discern whether you are sincere or not. For each of the following things you do, I have supplied two endnotes offering examples just from this one video. Other examples from the same video could have been added. And every endnote refers to a separate incident. I invite readers to ask themselves if ALL of this can be innocently explained away.44You...

    •    Add to Scripture: here,45andhere,46
    • Take away crucial portions of Scripture: here,47andhere,48
    • Seriously misrepresent scripture: here,49and here,50
    • Seriously corrupt scripture: here,51andhere,52
    • Pervert scripture: here,53and here,54
    • Invent new scripture: here,55andhere,56
    • Transpose scripture with absolutely no justification: here,57andhere,58
    • Read things into scripture with absolutely no justification: here,59andhere,60
    • Discourage reverence for God (and hence for truth): here,61andhere,62
    • Undermine trust in the word of God: here,63andhere,64
    • Discourage respect for the Word made flesh: here,65and here,66and
    • Demote the Word made flesh: here,67and68

There is one last issue. And, in my view, it's the most egregious error in the entire video. You state the following: "You see, here's *THE* thing brothers and sisters, is that God sometimes does *unusual* things -- *really* unusual things. [You noticeably fail to point out that, whatever God does (and regardless of how 'unusual' it may seem) it will always be in keeping with the thrust of Scripture as a whole.] ... Sometimes God will ask *you* to do unusual things ... [Just] because something is unusual doesn't necessarily mean it's not of God. [Is this not just a clever means to explain away the New Age, demonic, 'Toronto- esque' manifestations that result from your counterfeit version of the laying on of hands?] That's why we need discernment, and why we need the Holy Spirit [But not the Bible?] to discern between God and the Devil. We don't go by what we see. We *always* go by what the *SPIRIT*says."69

David, you are dispensing an unclean spirit. (Otherwise, what is the entity that is forcing individuals to do these "unusual things" such as falling backwards and being unable to move?)70You call this unclean spirit "the Holy Spirit". Therefore, you are telling people to identify the spirit being dispensed at your meetings not by what the word of God says, but by whatever is said *BY* the spirit being dispensed at your meetings. After 25 years "in the ministry", can you not see the problem here? Can you not see why God made the tangible, objective *Scriptures*, rather than a spirit, our final arbiter of what is, and is not, of Him? Your teaching here is lethal,71and may well have acted as the final confirmation of your true nature as far as Moriel was concerned. (I beseech your supporters to read all the endnotes for this open letter before coming to a decision about your spiritualDNA.72)

*** Conclusion ***

You will probably now claim to no longer believe the doctrines discussed above, even though you only approved this video a few weeks ago -- as if you've never, over the whole of the last quarter of a *century*, come across sound teaching on this topic until today.73But what about the ungodly *techniques* you use? This is hardly the only video of yours displaying these techniques. I admit I am relatively new to your ministry, but *all* of the videos I have watched of yours display this selfsame pattern of: abusing and undermining Scripture; encouraging irreverence towards God; demoting Christ; and stealthily pushing the core beliefs of the Word of Faith movement -- apparently without the Lord EVER chastising you for ANY of it.74

Your videos propagate serious error on a *multitude* of subjects. I've created a webpage as a repository for all your false teachings -- excluding those already covered in this letter. See cambrjohn.wixsite.com/nathan. At the time of writing, the list only had forty entries, because I've needed to focus on completing this letter. But I aim to add ten new points each week, and I anticipate the total will easily exceed a hundred before the Lord says the job is done and that even your most deceived fans are without excuse. The page also holds a copy of this open letter alongside proof that your recent claims of 'repentance' have just been exercises in damage limitation.75The page also includes a long list of reasons why none of your supporters should feel too embarrassed at having been duped by you. Aside from anything else, you use many subtle tricks to promote your false teachings.76

I look forward very much to your reply. (I intend to place anything I receive from you, plus my responses, into cambrjohn.wixsite.com/nathan.)

John Cambridge77


  1. e.g. In a video entitled 'Right of Reply', the interviewer says to you, "It does appear somewhat puzzling that, within a very short space of time, this situation [i.e. Moriel's disposition towards you] goes from amicable to hostile". You respond by nodding. The interviewer, Stewart Menelaws, then asks, "What's happened?" You reply with "Stewart, I honestly do not know." ['Right of Reply', published by GV247.TV on Oct. 12th 2018, 14mins 14secs (copy on file)]. See also the similar exchange at 36mins 47secs. A few days later, in your letter of Oct. 15th 2018, in response to Bill Randles' open letter, you write, "The motive for [Moriel's actions] remains unclear" [copy onfile].
  2. Your email to Moriel, entitled 'Please let us put a stop to all this', Sept. 4th, 2018 (copy on file).
  3. Your initial defence letter, to "Jacob, David and Marco", sent on Sept. 3rd 2018 (copy on file). Since writing that letter, you've made the decision to delete the video -- for what I'm certain were entirely understandable reasons -- and you've replaced it with an edited version with four sections removed. You published this edited version on Oct. 17th 2018. The letter you are reading is based on that edited version. A copy of the video has been placed at cambrjohn.wixsite.com/nathan, but the Youtube address of your official copy at the time of writing is youtube.com/watch?v=-UEYlE-4uss.
  4. All quotations from Holy Scripture in this letter are taken from the KJV unless otherwise stated, and all emphases in quotes are my own unless otherwise stated. Please accept my apologies for the use of asterisks to emphasise certain words. In this era of social media, I am conscious that the text of this letter may get copied to places where formatting such as italicisation and emboldening is lost.
  5. 1:19:45secs.
  6. You also state, "[T]here are times when the power of God comes upon you, where the body cannot stand" [1:19:57secs], and "There are times when the power of Godcomes upon you and your physical body cannot, literally, stand in the presence of God" [1:19:14secs], and "[Regarding the experiences of Ezekiel, Daniel, "those who came to arrest Jesus" etc] The physical body could not stand in the presence of a holy God" [1:18:40secs]. Strangely, during your entire talk, you never once say that any of the cases of falling down in Scripture were caused by reverence for, or fear towards, God. Instead, the implication is that the Holy Spirit physically forces the believer to fall. On a related point, the Bible declares "the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets" (1Cor. 14:32), so it does seem unwise of you, in the video, to proclaim of prophets, "they can't help themselves" [1:02:18secs].
  7. Even if a person is forced to do something (e.g. fall over, or laugh, or act like an animal) that *wasn't* against their will, if they cannot *stop* it at will then it isn't the Holy Spirit either. If a person is being *forced* to do something, it is the work of devils (e.g. see Luke 8:29; 9:42) and it is not to be sought (e.g. see Dan. 4:30-33; Psa. 69:23). In Daniel 11:38- 39 the Devil is even called the "God of *forces*". In the New Testament, people were sometimes thrown around by devils whilst being delivered (Luke 4:35), but where does the Bible say deliverance from devils is one of the purposes of the laying on ofhands?
  8. See chapter 25, section 6, of the 'Church' volume of the book 'Alpha - The Unofficial Guide', which is freely downloadable from the homepage of bayith.org.
  9. 28mins 39secs.
  10. You assert, "There can be no transfer of the Holy Spirit upon somebody unlessHe's upon somebody" [30mins 58secs]. You also insist, "The doctrine ... of the laying on of hands is an impartation of the Spirit of God that is transferred from one person to another" [1:20:12secs]. See also 24mins 39secs. And, in the context in which you use it, the following quotation from Scripture means you are teaching that the Holy Spirit is transferred between fallen men: "...how much more will your heavenly Father givethe Holy Spirit to them who ask" [1:23:29secs; see also 36mins 8secs to 36mins 44secs. I regret that, on both these occasions, you remove the word "Him" from the phrase "those who ask Him". You are in line with the 'Word of Faith' movement's position here].
  11. 1:22:38secs.
  12. The key part of this passage (Numbers 27:18-23) is verse 20: "And thou [Moses] shalt put some of thine honour upon him [i.e. Joshua], that all the congregation of the children of Israel may be obedient." To make this verse agree with your teaching, you have to (a) deny it was Moses who put the honour upon Joshua, despite what the passage explicitly says, (b) deny that the 'honour' in view belonged to Moses, again thoroughly contradicting the plain reading of the verse, and (c) change the word "honour" to "glory" [21mins 36secs to 24 mins 34secs]. If the entirety of the passage is considered, the evident meaning is that Moses enjoyed tremendous honour among the people, such that if he were to single out Joshua and take him from among all the Israelites and hold a special ceremony in the presence of the whole of God's People (with the High Priest in attendance) where he then gave Joshua "a charge" and 'laid his hands on him', Joshua would gain honour in the sight of Israel and, as a result, the nation would be obedient to Joshua when Mosesdied.
  13. You regularly replace the phrase "the Holy Spirit" with "the glory" (e.g. at 24 mins 11secs to 25mins 11secs; and at 51 mins 58 secs to 52mins 26secs).
  14. You talk about the 'transfer' of "anointing" at 20mins 23secs; 24mins 39secs; 25mins 25secs; 25mins 54secs; 47mins 1sec; 51mins 36secs; and, in the context of what has gone before, you do so again at 59mins 17secs to 59mins 37secs. (All Old Testament instances to which you refer should be seen in the light of what you say at 27mins 31secs to 28mins 38secs, where you incontrovertibly teach that the same principles apply today.)
  15. 24mins 39secs.
  16. For example, you assure us that: "The laying on of hands is the transfer of the 'charismata' ... from one to another" [30mins 12secs; see also 29mins 12secs].
  17. 0mins 15secs; 0mins 42secs; and 1:22:38secs.
  18. Your frequent use of words like "imparted" and "impartation", along with your constant use of words like "transfer" and "transferred", teach that whatever is being transferred is departing from one person as it goes to the other. You imply as much when you say, "You can't give what you don't got" [30mins 58secs]. You do likewise when you suggest that the Patriarchs gave up the blessing on their own lives when they laid their hands on their sons: "The Patriarchs ... sought the blessing of the fathers [as opposed to '*A*blessing *FROM* the fathers']. The blessing God gave to Abraham, Abraham gave *that* to Isaac. Isaac in turn gave the *same* blessing to Jacob" [8mins 28secs]. Further evidence comes from your statement that, "[S]ome people you can pray for and there's just like... you feel as if something is being DRAWN OUT OF YOU" [35mins 41secs].
  19. You may argue that it is God, rather than man, doing the transfer, but this would be at odds with the very Bible passage you showcase as a prime example of your doctrine -- i.e. the Moses-and-Joshua episode in Numbers 27:18-23 where the Bible unambiguously tells us that Moses was to do the giving. It would also be at odds with your remark that, "You can't give what you don't got" [30mins 58secs]. Besides, if God gives 'it' to the person doing the laying on of hands, only to immediately take it away and transfer it to the other person, why would He not do it directly? Likewise, if He takes it from you and then replenishes you at some point afterwards, why not just do it directly so that you are not depleted? If God gives a person a gift of the Spirit and wants to give someone else the same type of gift, He doesn't take some of yours to give to the other person. If He anoints someone, and He wants to anoint someone else, He doesn't remove some of your anointing and inject it into the other person. I challenge you to find a single place in the Bible referring to the "anointing" of people which teaches differently.
  20. For example, you say: "You lay your hands on [certain folks], and it's almost like, you can just sense a surge just going THROUGH YOU" [35mins 28secs]. The PDF related to your video says: "When you lay hands on someone, it is the Power of the Holy Spirit that is in you that flows through you and into the other person. - Often (not always) you will feel the power of the Lord move through your body, up your arms and THROUGH YOUR HANDS." ['Foundation Principles Course', undated PDF, as retrieved from your website, bolm.co.za, on Oct. 29th 2018 (copy on file). This observation of mine was drawn from a Moriel video about your errors, released two months earlier]. Cf. My endnote 37.
  21. At 1:21:32secs and again at 1:22:38secs.
  22. Regarding the special miracles that God wrought by the hands of Paul, it is to be expected that the Lord would insert such an episode into His word due to the following principle: God intrinsically identifies Himself with the truth, so He takes it as a massive personal affront when people refuse to love the truth. Thus, rather than *force* us to believe the truth, He tests our love for it. The way He does this is by allowing a tiny proportion of the evidence on any given subject to appear, if viewed superficially, to point away from the truth, so that anyone who doesn’t genuinely love the truth will have ‘enough rope to hang themselves with’. (The Lord therefore needed to provide a couple of scriptures that rebellious people could twist in order to believe that the Holy Spirit can be transferred physically.) For a much more complete look at this general principle, see the pair of articles entitled 'Beware False Balances' in the 'Rubies' section of bayith.org.
  23. Even in English we say things like, "During the war, large numbers of downed airmen passed through the hands of the Resistance", yet the airmen did not literally pass through the blood and muscles of anyone's fingers. Likewise, a person might announce: "Through my plumber, I've got a nice new sink", yet the sink did not physically travel through the body of the plumber.
  24. You exclaim, "Did the High Priest LITERALLY transfer the sin? No!" [18mins 50secs], and "The … scapegoat became a SYMBOL of the sin" [18mins 35secs, emphasis yours].
  25. Endnote 39 offers an explanation of the Bible passage, "your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you" (from 1 Cor. 6:19a).
  26. 1:09:32secs onwards.
  27. 1:17:02secs.
  28. 1:17:53secs. The two verses you cite are Ezek. 1:28 and Ezek. 3:23. (Cf. Ezek. 43:3.)
  29. Dan. 8:17-18 [1:17:59secs].
  30. Dan. 8:17; You quote the passage as saying, "My strength left me and I became as one dead" [1:18:05secs], whereas your preferred Bible version, the NKJ, actually reads "I was in a deep sleep with my face to the ground". You seem to have taken part of a different chapter (Dan. 10:8) from the 'New Living Translation' and combined it with a modified version of what John said in Revelation 1:17 in the 'American Standard Version' and transplanted all this into Daniel 8.
  31. 1:09:53secs.
  32. E.g. at 1:19:59secs and 1:22:16secs.
  33. Neh. 1:5a. (As an aside, I can't recall any time in the Bible when anyone fell to the ground after having hands laid on them in the Christian sense. And neither your video nor God's word ever claims that one of the purposes of laying hands on people is to 'show recipients just how mind-bendingly holy and inconceivably mighty God is'.)
  34. E.g. see Josh. 6:17-18.
  35. E.g. see Num. 6:6-11.
  36. 1 Tim. 5:22 reads, "Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men's sins: keep thyself pure." When discussing this verse in your video, you claim it isactually just a warning to elders not to be hasty when ordaining others to eldership. You arguethat the context of the verse is church elders. But neither this verse, nor the preceding verse, nor the following verse, mentions elders at all. And why would the word "suddenly" be present if your theory is correct? Who on earth would lay hands *suddenly* on someone to make them an elder? And why would the verse end with "keep thyself pure"? No wonder you omitted this clause when you read the verse out on the video. And no wonder you were forced to admit that your explanation is "as clear as mud" [1:09:06secs].
  37. For analysis of this whole topic of godly and ungodly manifestations -- including a look at the question of whether we should ever be able to feel the Holy Spirit with our physical senses (as opposed to purely discerning Him in our spirit) -- see Part 5 of the 'Church' volume of 'Alpha - the Unofficial Guide', freely downloadable from the homepage of bayith.org. See also the article 'The Powers Behind the Alpha Course: Part 3 - The Powerful Spirit' which is freely downloadable from the 'Rubies' section of bayith.org.
  38. 54mins 49secs (emphasis yours). Given the context in which you state the following, you teach the same error: "When we come before our Heavenly Father and we ask Him for what He has, in His word, promised us, we will get what He has promised us. And we will GET NOTHING ELSE." [1:24:01secs, emphasis yours].
  39. The following is my current view on the topic of believers and unclean spirits. (I amfar from dogmatic about it, however.) Through disobedience or sin it was perfectly possible for Old Testament believers to bring curses on themselves (e.g. see Num. 5:18-27 or Deu. 7:26). And, for the same underlying reason, if a believer today commits certain types of sin (e.g. idolatry), they too can bring a curse on their bodies or minds. We can give the enemy the right to oppress us in some limited way. Naturally, no believer can be "possessed *BY*" unclean spirits -- but the Bible never actually uses this phrase. People are only said to be possessed "OF" or possessed "WITH" unclean spirits (see, in the KJV, Matt. 4:24; 8:16,28,33; 9:32; 12:22; Mark 1:32; 5:15,18; Luke 8:36; Acts 8:7; 16:16),and such phraseology simply means the person in question legally 'owns' the spirit (cf. Josh. 22:9, KJV). Many believers imagine this situation to be impossible because the Holy Spirit will obviously never cohabit with an unclean spirit. But the Holy Spirit is present in a fundamentally different part of us. The Holy Spirit resides in our spirit, whereas an unclean spirit has no access to our spirit and can only be attached to our flesh or mind. Ezekiel 8:5-18 provides a very helpful picture of this. Various abominations were present within parts of the Temple in Jerusalem at this time in history, yet the glory of God was still resident in the Holy of Holies. This would explain how a human body can be the temple of the Holy Spirit and still have an unclean spirit connected to it. The Apostle Paul's "thorn in the flesh" would appear to be compelling evidence that a "messenger of Satan" can reside in the body of a person who has the Holy Spirit (2 Cor. 12:7-8). I am open to correction on this whole matter though.
  40. Some years ago, largely through ignorance (Hos. 4:6a), I committed the sin of presumption. I foolishly believed I was capable of handling a certain practical, end-time project without recourse to the Lord. As a result, the Lord put me in a really tight spot -- one I genuinely considered to be a life-or-death matter not just for me but for other folks too -- and I saw no choice but to take some relatively extreme measures to rescue the situation. I have since repented humbly and very deeply of all this and, just as soon as the Lord enables it, I will make appropriate restitution to the four other people who unfortunately got caught up in my delusion. Due to my sin, I have been ostracized by many believers, but I do ask the saints to remember Galatians 6:1. I also ask them to consider King David. He too committed a serious sin (in his case, adultery) and as a result, the Lord put him in a really tight spot where he saw no choice but to take some extreme measures to rescue the situation (even including *murder*, which is certainly quite a lot more serious than anything I did). Yet we do not continue to reject him after herepented.
  41. 18mins 19secs of the video referred to in endnote 1 (see also 17mins 39secs). For a critique of the 'Word of Faith' movement, see Part 4 of the book cited in endnote 8.
  42. On numerous occasions, you imply that Christians must accept your teaching on the laying on of hands in order to be saved. For example, you say it's a "*fundamental* doctrine of Christianity" [1:22:38secs], suggesting a person cannot be part of the Christian world if they reject it. Secondly, you teach: "We ... HAVE to function in [my version of] the doctrine of the laying on of hands" [4mins 35secs]. It is clearly mandatory. You also insist, "God is moving His Church forward" [37mins 31secs], and "God is moving forward" [37mins 35secs], and "You and I have GOT to move forward" [38mins 0secs]. The message is that people will get left behind by God and His Church if they don't partake in your version of the laying on of hands.
  43. Jacob Prasch, 'David Nathan's Right of Reply?', video released Oct. 12th2018, 29mins 5secs and 34mins 28secs (copy on file).
  44. A true Christian would surely be chastised by the Lord for most, if not all, of these acts, *and* would be made acutely aware that the video must never be released to the public.
  45. You mention the occasion in Gen. 32:24-29 when the "Angel", as you put it, wrestled with Jacob and asked him his name. You declare that, instead of replying with the sole word "Jacob", he didn't say "Jacob" at all but replied, "Deceiver. That's who I am. I'm a deceiver. It's my name and that's who I am." [7mins 1sec].
  46. You state, "The Apostles laid their hands on individuals ... Acts 5 verse 12 -- you can take [the verse reference] down; I'm going to go quite quickly -- 'And through the hands of the Apostles ... many signs and wonders were done among the people.' What was the result of their hands BEING LAID? … [B]elievers were increasingly added to the Lord" [42mins 33secs]. The passage nowhere mentions "hands BEING LAID". I'm not surprised you chose to "go quite quickly" at this point (despite taking up a lot of time later to tell unnecessary jokes). Your haste meant people couldn't easily spot your sleight ofhand.
  47. See endnote 36 re the omission of the phrase "keep thyself pure".
  48. 48 See endnote 10 re the omission, on two occasions, of the word "Him".
  49. 49 You state, "The son of Isaac was called 'Jacob', which means 'supplanter' or '*deceiver*'" [6mins 12secs, see also 7mins 23secs]. The word 'Jacob' does *not* mean deceiver (see Gen. 27:36).
  50. 50 The Bible merely says the Lord "*knew*" or "*perceived*" that something had gone out of Him, allowing Him to have perceived it purely in His *spirit*, whereas you claim He "FELT" it [49 mins 22secs, emphasis yours]. Cf. Endnote 37.
  51. 51 You assert that the Patriarch Jacob, "deceived his brother out of a birthright" [6mins 21secs], but Jacob's brother sold his birthright to Jacob 'fair and square' (Heb. 12:16).
  52. You claim deception was "the character of [Jacob's] life" [6mins 12secs to 6mins 31secs]. But just because Jacob employed deception on two occasions in his life (one of them at the urging of his mother) does not mean it was "the character of his life".
  53. See endnote 12 re Moses and Joshua.
  54. Compare your account of what happened to Jacob at the river Jabbok [6mins 32secs to 7mins 59secs] with what the Bible says (Gen. 32:24-29). Among other discrepancies, the passage makes no mention of an "angel", let alone any mention that the angel's name is "Wonderful". And there is no mention either that the person who wrestled with Jacob "cried out" (a phrase which, in context, makes Christ seem weak).
  55. You say, "[I]n Leviticus chapter 4 verse 10 through 15: In a court case, the witnesses against an accused would have to lay hands on the accused to witness that what they have seen is the truth. And that his guilt is upon them. If he's innocent they've accused incorrectly an innocent man and then the judgment goes back onto them." [19mins 26secs to 20mins 10secs]. These remarks bear little resemblance to the actual passage.
  56. As noted in the body of this letter, you erroneously claim that Ezekiel wrote, in Ezek. 1:28 and/or Ezek. 3:23 (you don't specify), "I became as one dead" [1:17:53secs].
  57. You insist that, "Elisha asked for a double portion of the anointing that was upon Elijah. And Elijah says, 'It's not mine to give'. Love those words! 'It's not mine to give.'" [25mins 54secs to 26mins 6secs; see also 26mins 23secs]. Scripture never records Elijah saying "It's not mine to give" or anything remotely like it. (The passage doesn't use the word "anointing" either. No wonder you avoided giving out the verse reference (2 Ki. 2:9-11).)
  58. See endnote 30 re the transposition of verses in Daniel.
  59. See endnote 67, regarding your assertion that "PAUL did something unusual" and that he "LAID HANDS ON" aprons and handkerchiefs. The Bible says neither thing.
  60. You declare: "James chapter 5 verse 14. He talks about anointing the sick with oil. ...Using the oil as a point of impartation" [43mins 13secs]. Where does the Bible say the oil acts as a point of impartation?
  61. I can detect no fear of the Lord in you during any part of the video -- even during your prayer at the start of it. Yet, Scripture teaches that our God is “*greatly* to be feared in the assembly of the saints” (Psa. 89:7a). A list of every injunction in the Bible to fear God would be very long. It seems to me that you would show more reverence to a mere police officer than you do to the Creator and Upholder of the Universe. Remember, God has the power to cast us into hell. Hence Christ’s warning: "Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. But ... Fear Him, which after He hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear Him." (Luke 12:4-5).
  62. As pointed out in the body of this open letter, you proclaim, "If we love the Lord, and our heart is towards God, we are kept and protected. There's NOTHING to fear" [54mins 49secs, emphasis yours].
  63. The Bible says, "the Sun of righteousness will arise with healing in His wings" (Mal. 4:2a). You state, "the word 'wings' ... is mistranslated" [46mins 31secs]. The Hebrew word here, "Kanaph", means wings (e.g. see Exod. 19:4 and Exod. 25:20) and this is an entirely appropriate rendering in the context involved. After all, a football field is said to have 'wings'; a theatre stage has 'wings'; political parties have 'wings'; and so on. (By contrast, you appear to teach that the Sun has "clothing" or "tassles" or a "hem".)
  64. You state, without any evidence, that the demonic counterfeit of slaying in the spirit (actually your video denies it is demonic; you claim it is merely a "DOOR to the demonic" [1:13:47secs]) started with Kathryn Kuhlman (i.e. in the 20thcentury) [1:11:10secs]. By doing so, you suggest that the writers of the books of the Bible cannot have come across it -- the implication being that the Bible doesn't address it and is therefore out of date.
  65. Even though the Bible *never* talks about "guilt" being transferred from one party to another, you frequently suggest otherwise. For example, you assert, "That's one example of the laying on of hands. It is the transferring of the GUILT of an individual, or a nation, upon a sacrificial animal, and it's a typology of JESUS" [19mins 20secs]. By teaching this so often, you oblige people to believe that Christ became *guilty*.
  66. You say, "Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit, which took place at His water baptism at the age of 30" [31mins 15secs]. The Lord was certainly "full of the Holy Ghost" (Luke 4:1), but where does the Bible teach that this filling "took place at His water baptism"? It doesn't. After all, He is *God*. And, in His Incarnation, He was *conceived* by the Holy Spirit (Matt. 1:18-20). And, as a “child ... [He] waxed strong in spirit...” (Luke 2:40). To declare that He was only filled with the Holy Spirit at the age of 30 demotes Him.
  67. When referring to the time when God did special miracles by the hands of Paul (Acts 19:11), you claim: "Paul did something unusual" [45mins 1sec]. (The scriptures clearly say it was God, not Paul, who did it, but I shan't dwell on that.) And after describing what you call these "unusual" miracles, you then change your tune and tell us "This is *not* unusual" [45mins 25secs], as if it is something we should see on a regular basis today. Your explanation for saying this is: "[T]he woman with the issue of blood reached out and touched ... the hem of [Christ's] garment and Jesus perceived that power went out of Him and shewashealed..................................... So, she touches His clothing and the anointing of God flowsfrom Jesus through His clothing to the woman" [45mins 27secs]. (The Bible nowhere says that anything flowed through the Lord's clothing, but again that’s not my central concern here.) You go on to assert, "When Paul in Ephesus lays hands on handkerchiefs and aprons, it's EXACTLY what happened to Jesus" [51mins 36secs, emphasis yours]. By arguing this, you imply that the woman with the issue of blood was only healed because Christ enjoyed the same sort of anointing as Paul, rather than because He was God incarnate.
  68. You almost *never* give the Lord Jesus *any* title when referring to Him inyour video. He is our King, our Lord, and our Messiah, and the Epistles almost *never* refer to Him just as "Jesus". (The *Gospels* usually just call Him "Jesus", but this is so as to avoid the unsaved being required to prejudge His identity when being evangelised. This video of yours is not for the unsaved.) Any reader unimpressed by this point may like to bear in mind that you describe the "doctrine of salvation" as merely "repentance from dead works". In other words, your description makes zero mention of Christ [1min0secs].
  69. 44mins 4secs. For an explanation of what I mean by 'Toronto-esque' manifestations, see endnote 37 plus the items offered under the heading 'Toronto and Pensacola' in the 'Better Than Rubies' section of bayith.org.
  70. See endnotes 7 and 39 of this open letter.
  71. See chapter 2 of my book 'Preying:…', freely downloadable from preying.org.
  72. Some readers may suppose a believer can never know whether a person is a false brother. They need to explain verses like Matt. 7:15; Acts 13:6; 2 Cor. 11:13,26; Gal. 2:4 and 1 John 4:1. For a more detailed look at this matter of judging people, see chapters 3 and 9 of mybook'Preying: ', freely downloadable from the homepage ofpreying.org.
  73. You've deleted a number of your videos recently, but with no obvious apology, or explanation, or attempt to warn souls who've already watched them of the errors in them. It appears you are simply destroying incriminating evidence rather than repenting. Thus, I've copied the video reviewed in this open letter onto cambrjohn.wixsite.com/nathan.
  74. Cf. Heb. 12:6-8. (See cambrjohn.wixsite.com/nathan for instances.)
  75. Whenever your errors are made public, it never seems to lead you to heartfelt Christian repentance. You always just appear to take the minimum steps you think will convince your followers of your sincerity. Take, for example, your 'Right of Reply' video (see endnote 1) where you say: "I retract those remarks that an inanimate object can contain the anointing I want to reassure you that it is not something I teach" [27mins 40secs].Just five days later you approved the release of the video I've been reviewing in this open letter where, instead of warning against this error, you repeat this *precise* teaching -- albeit with increased subtlety (see endnote 67). See also endnotes 20 and 73.
  76. Among other things, you work hard to maintain a Christian-looking exterior. (Authentic Christians, however, exhibit brokenness (Matt. 21:44) and a fear of the Lord (see Prov. 9:10a and endnote 61), whereas you never seem to -- even when you should be on your best behaviour. And, because true Christians have the *Spirit* of Christ, they will -- in the way they handle themselves -- *remind* us of Christ. Sadly, despite trying to think the best of you for months, I'm not aware that you have *ever* reminded me of Christ.)
  77. 'John Cambridge' is a nom-de-plume. I’m using it because some people might otherwise choose to reject the points I make in this letter (even though truth is independent of the person bringing it) because of my past failings discussed in an earlier endnote.
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