Sermons in Polish

Abraham's JourneyGenesis 12Every person's life can be plotted as being along some point of Abraham's journey from Mesopotamia to the Promised Land, a metaphor for our spiritual walk in this life.
An Anti Christ Meets a False Prophet
The AnointingActs 2Addressing the claims of various groups that there efforts are bringing an revival accompanied by spiritual anointing and the scriptural standards by which such an anointing and revival actually operate.
Binding and LoosingDaniel 10In many areas the church is trying to use biblical teaching about binding and loosing as an instrument to deal with something it was not designed to deal with.
The Burning Bush - HineniExodus 2-3Moses is a good picture of anybody who really wants to serve God. In fact, hes one of the best pictures.
Crimen Sollicitationis
Elijah: A Man Who Could Make it RainJames 5:16-18Elijah was a man with a nature like ours. Elijah was a man who could make it rain. The Holy Spirit, through this text, is trying to tell us that, if he can do it, we can do it. We can make it rain. But what does that mean?
Egypt, Babylon & the Palm of GodJeremiah 40What are the options for the faithful remnant in the Last Days? Previous biblical examples provide a picture of what it will be like for Believers.
Hillsong Embraces Chrislam2 Samuel 3:1The kind of war I dread is when you have to fight against your brethren.
House of David/House of Saul2 Samuel 3:1The kind of war I dread is when you have to fight against your brethren.
How to be Caonized a Saint in the Roman Catholic Church
Jesus: Prophet Like Unto Moses, ADeuteronomy 18:18Deals with the prophecy of Deuteronomy 18:18, that the Messiah would be a prophet like Moses, in the character of Moses.
Jesus in the TalmudMany Christians who love Israel and who have a heart for the Jewish people confuse loving the people of Israel with loving the religion of the Rabbis that is now called Judaism.
Judge NotJames 4Looks at the different words for "judge" in the Greek and in the Hebrew and in what contexts they are used. Shows when Christians are commanded to judge and when we are commanded not to.
Kashrut and FamineLeviticus 11An explanation of the typology of the Hebrew dietary laws, and how it deals with what is clean and what is unclean. Unclean being unbelievers, false believers, and their wrong doctrines. What we eat, we are. Deals with how to eat what is clean.
Last Revival, The
One Messiah, Two ComingsActs 1:4-8Everything under the ground is Old Testament Israel, but everything above the ground is the New Testament Church. The Church is the spiritual continuity of Old Testament Israel, not its replacement.
Pope Francis the Religious Hypocrite Whose Religious Hypocrisy Kows No BoundsSelf Explanatory
Pseudodidaskaloi, False Teachers2 Peter 2:1This warning The Holy Spirit gives through The Apostle James is daunting. While we shall stand before the judgment seat of Christ, those of us posing to teach Gods Word to others will be held more accountable than others, because teachers can most easily mislead others.
Sons of Zadok, The Ezekiel 44Being misled is one thing, but misleading others _ either being cognizant of the error, or teaching error out of out own ignorance doesnt matte
Ulf Ekman Converts to Roman Catholicism
What is Now on the Horizon in a Church World Without David Wilkerso, Dave Hunt, and Chuck Smith Self Explanatory