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Moriel.TV Presents: Q&A! Live with Jacob Prasch this Wednesday, April 16 starting at 7:15 PST

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Moriel & Jacob Prasch are pleased to endorse the ministry of David Pawson whom Jacob Prasch counts as a personal friend. Moriel & David Pawson are alike in most of their doctrinal views. While at the time we did not consider the Toronto Deception to be a yellow light but rather a red one, this was quite a number of years ago and for all intent and purposes it is no longer an issue and has not been an issue for some time. We strongly sanction David Pawson's book "The Normal Christian Birth" and we greatly value his solid and long standing stance against the errors of replacement theology.

We regret any misunderstanding from any textual reference to events surrounding the Toronto Experience nearly 20 years ago. It is a long past event.

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The Daniel Factor on Sale NOW!

This book was written to accompany Jacob's part in the film, "The Daniel Project". Jacob expands on that documentary and explains more fully about the world in which we live today and what it may mean in the light of those Biblical prophecies.

People are looking for answers, instinctively knowing that whilst great efforts are made to bring peace in our troubled world, all is not well. An increase in natural and man made disasters, geo-political tensions and an economic crisis create the sense of a gatherng storm which has become a part of us all.

Since 1948, hundreds of ancient predictions, written thousands of years ago, are now unfolding before us. News agencies from around the world beam satellite images into our homes that could have come straight from the pages of the Bible.

According to Daniel and other Biblical prophets, only the wise will understand how to read the signs and respond - as people around the world will continue to be so busy with their lives; buying and selling, planting and building, unaware of the terrible events that will overtake them.
Electronic version is now available as an
Ebook and is available at Amazon for $5.99.

Please click here to place your order.

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The Daniel Project

Further Information: The Daniel Project documentary film made for TV and cinema is also available as a special edition boxed DVD set featuring Jacob Prasch, Dr. Siam Bhayro, Doug Harris, Rabbi Glick and others. The special Bonus DVD includes an interview with Jacob Prasch explaining "The Way of Escape" which is especially crucial viewing for non-believers.

Details including trailers can be seen at

If you have already seen this film you can support it and help the international distributor obtain public television viewings by leaving a review on the Facebook "Reviews" page at

This documentary simply presents the facts and leaves the viewer to make up his or her own mind.


Please click here to place your order.

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Prayer Requests

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  • March 26 - Moriel & Jacob Prasch request prayer for David Lister's mother who was rushed to the hospital and they have found a blockage. Please pray for a complete healing.

    Update: April 11 - The blockage was cleared and she underwent a hip replacement yesterday. Please pray for her recovery.

  • March 19 - A family in a Moriel fellowship posted a prayer request for a 2 year old Ethan is in the hospital with a serious infection and has reached his brain.... He is in an induced coma because they can't control his seizures...  They cannot do an MRI until he is stable.  Even if he does pull through the doctors are uncertain of what his abilities will be. All this came upon him with flu like symptoms.

    Ethans family are not believers but we are reaching out to them.

    Ethan Udate: Ethan passed away April 11th. Plase pray for the family to be open towards Jesus and also the opportunity to witness to them.

  • Moriel & Jacob Prasch request urgent prayer for our copy editor Danny Isom who is unexpectedly in hospital for a pace maker implant due to a cardiac crises on top of his kidney condition requiring dialysis and his recent victory over cancer.

    Update: Danny had open heart, double by-pass surgery March 25.
    Danny was released from the hospital 4/2/14 to a rehab facility.

  • Jan 31 - Moriel & Jacob Prasch request prayer for Sarah, our web person's mother. She is suffering from Alzheimer's and recently diagnosed with cancer. Her body is to frail to fight the cancer & letting nature take it's course.

    Update: April 11 - The cancer is growing and the Alzheimer's disease is accelerating along with the cancer. She probably won't even know when she is really sick. The Alzeimer's is an extreme case & hard on mother & Carol mentally. We ask prayer for Carol for strength as well./li>

Repeated Debate Challenge

Jacob Prasch wishes to repeat his challenge to publicly debate Anglican Stephen Sizer on Sizer's contentions that Zionism is apartheid and that the modern state of Israel does not fulfill biblical prophecy.  As an Anglican in a church ordaining homosexual clergy and with a Druid Arch Bishop of Canterbury now calling for Britain to integrate elements of Islamic Sharia, anti Zionists like Sizer in a church with a pro Islamic hierarchical agenda must be challenged.

We are compelled by the evidence to regard Sizer as hypocritical and biblically ignorant and would relish the opportunity to demonstrate this in public debate before a video camera in a properly moderated format.   
It is also difficult for us not to additionally suspect Sizer of being a pseudo-academic fraud, but he at least deserves the opportunity to demonstrate otherwise in a public forum.

In view of the widespread persecution of Arab, Persian, Asian, and African Christians throughout the Moslem world it is nothing short of ludicrous that Sizer continually targets Israel as the perpetrator of injustice when Israel is the solitary country in The Middle East assuring the rights and security of its Christian population.

Our expectation is that Sizer will continue to run as usual. This however simply serves to underscore the indefensible implausibility of his pseudo-scholarly and pseudo-biblical antics.


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