Overview of Jacob’s Latest Book “HARPAZO: The Intra-Seal Rapture of the Church”

Jacob’s latest book, titled “HARPAZO: The Intra-Seal Rapture of the Church” has been a work in progress for more than three years. It is no secret that Jacob’s technology and typing skills are so marginal that it gives us hope that he’s human after all, so we have come up with a system tailored to Jacob’s needs when it comes to writing his books, mainly that he temporarily relocates to my town for weeks at a time, literally dictating every word of every chapter to my furiously little typing fingers. Many within Moriel have expressed their envy that I have been present for every word, version and associated discussion that has gone into The Dilemma of Laodicea, Shadows of the Beast, and now Harpazo. As Jacob’s “stenographer”, so to speak, I have derived more benefit from this process than anyone else by literally typing and copy-editing these manuscripts over and over again. So I thought that those who are most familiar with Jacob’s teachings may appreciate an insider’s view of some of the things to expect from his latest and much anticipated work. Continue reading

An Anatomy of a False prophecy

A review of John Mark Pool’s “A Tsunami of God is Coming From the Northwest to This Nation!”

by Sandy Simpson
Nov 3,2014

ElijahList is well known for sending out false prophecies on a daily basis. In fact they send anywhere from 3-5 emails daily. I have saved them all for many years because they are ripe fodder for discernment articles. I am going to use this obvious false prophecy by a long time false prophet of the New Apostolic Reformation as a demonstration of a false prophecy and how to test them according to the Bible and common sense. Continue reading

The True Face of Islam

What Corrupt Western Politicians and Left Wing Media and Academics Who know they are lying call a “Religion of Peace & Tolerance”. From Saudi Arabia, to Syria, to Iraq, to Nigeria, to Pakistan, to Iran and beyond – Please pray for the persecuted Christians whose little children are being murdered in the heathen Islamic countries which are controlled by Satan. Please pray for Israel and any others with the common sense to realize what Islam truly is and who stand up to it instead of getting into bed with it like the hypocrite Western governments also controlled by Satan and who betray Christians, Israel, and their own citizens for the sake of Moslem oil.

Please pray for the salvation of Moslems and for the judgment of God on the evil sons of Satan who pander to them. Continue reading

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Her appeal was thrown out and her execution sentence upheld. I gather the judicial process has now been exhausted. Political pressure now seems to be the only way of saving this Christian mom accused of blasphemy in Pakistan.

Here’s the No. 10 e-petition: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/71083  UK citizens only

https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/publicly-demand-pakistan-release-christian-woman-asia-bibi-death-row-blasphemy/lN93SGxj  All others

Here’s some background: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2013/september-web-only/asia-bibi-pakistan-blasphemy-im-afraid-shell-be-killed.html

Blood Moons for the Second Time Proven to be a Baseless Hoax

By James Jacob Prasch
Oct 12, 2014

The Boy Cries Wolf Yet Again 

I happened to be in Israel for Sukkoth, the second of the supposedly festal Blood Moons concocted by Mark Biltz, whom given his abysmal track record – many now can only consider to be a religious con artist out to sell books about the ‘Blood Moon’ hoax that he invented. Continue reading

Using Illustrations from Culture To Help People Understand Jesus Christ Can Be A Good Idea … Getting People to Worship False Gods Is Not

by Sandy Simpson
Deception in the Church 

Cultural illustrations can be helpful but only if taught in the light of the true accounts in the written Word.  Putting cultural accounts on the same par as Scripture by using the mythology of pagan nations to replace what needs to be taught about Jesus Christ and the True God degrades the Bible accounts, in fact “blasphemizes” them.  There is only one Name under heaven by which men may be saved, and there is only one Name of God, revealed by God Himself. Continue reading

The Son of Judas Whose Religious Hypocrisy Knows no Limits

Oct 5, 2014
James Jacob Prash

After murdering nearly all of Iran’s Evangelical pastors, an American Iranian pastor remains in an Iranian prison under harsh conditions for the crime of being a Christian. At the same time a young woman awaits hanging courtesy of an Islamic decree. Meanwhile, next door in Iraq, ISIS continues to behead British and American citizens and brutally persecute Christians. Continue reading

The Bible Anticipates Islam . . . Islam and the Bible

Sept. 20 2014
by Bill Randles

Islam as a world religion didn’t burst onto the world scene until the 7th century AD. But in the 14 plus centuries since, it has played a major role in world affairs, as a foil to the Judeo Christian world, and a scourge on India, the Levant, Persia, Southern Asia, much of Africa, the Caucasus, and even part of China. Continue reading

His Name, the Only Name

Sept 5, 2014
by Sandy Simpson
Deception in  the Church Ministries

The reason I wrote this article based on Zech 14:9 is that I was reminded of how many so-called Christians, who are influential in the churches, are promoting the worship of God in the names of other gods.  Here are just a few examples.

A surprisingly central feature of all the world’s religions is the language of light in communicating the divine and symbolizing the union of the human with the divine: Muhammed’s light-filled cave, Moses’ burning bush, Paul’s blinding light, Fox’s “inner light,” Krishna’s Lord of Light, Böhme’s light-filled cobbler shop, Plotinus’ fire experiences, Bodhisattvas with the flow of Kundalini’s fire erupting from their fontanelles, and so on.53 Light is the common thread that ties together near-death experiences as they occur in various cultures. (Leonard Sweet, Quantum Spirituality, pg. 146 ) Continue reading

Coming Soon—New Book

HARPAZO: The Intra-Seal Rapture of the Church

by James Jacob Prasch
Copy-Edited by D. E. Isom

When it comes to books devoted to eschatology in general and the Rapture specifically, they often either read like a formal academic argument written solely for the benefit of scholars or employ the use of fiction to avoid directly handling the underlying biblical text. As with Jacob’s previous books and exhaustive list of sermons covering nearly every area of theology, Harpazo presents the doctrine of the Rapture and Resurrection in the strictest biblical sense possible, leveraging the handling of Scripture in the same manner as passed along to us by Christ through the Apostles and Early Church of the 1st century. Continue reading