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We are in the process of setting up the Canadian branch of the Ministry, so please be patient as this  develops. We have at present  an post office box, office  and bank account if you were wanting to write to us (or support us)  as we  grow in  our profile. Our email address is 

There is also a  temporary webpage where you can also  leave a message or  comments. Be sure to to "like" us if you have a Facebook profile

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Blessings in Yeshua

Steven Boot (Ztiv)

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 NEWS: Jacob Prasch is coming to Canada ! August 15th -17th Abbotsford, BC. Learn to Discern Conference. See or contact ourselves for details.

Aug 18th -
Riverside Calvary Chapel at Langley Meadows Community School (2244 Willoughby Way) Langley, BC

Moriel Canada Newsletter Sept 2013

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Steve and Inger’s Biography

Was born in Portsmouth England, but having a Naval Father meant being raised across the U.K. and the world in various ports and bases including Singapore. The Lord  saved  me at age 16 by the witness of Jewish believers whilst working in a restaurant (The first time on hearing the gospel). Then through God’s supernatural intervention I ended up going to seminary at London Bible College, earning a degree in Theology where I co-led the campus Prayer for Israel group with Jacob Prasch. Ministered then in a number of short term projects, including Iceland and various other Scandinavian countries.

Met Inger, my wife, at a missions base in Norway 1992. Two weeks after our marriage we were pastoring amongst the Inuit (Eskimo) people’s in the Canadian Arctic. I Spent the next nine years at various mission posting across the Northwest Territories, ending up in the high Arctic close to the Alaskan Border near the North Pole. Then after a spell in the Canadian military post 9/11, returned to the pastoral ministry. I left the Anglican ministry due to a series of serious doctrinal and moral differences on a range of issues from not accepting infant baptism to my objecting to homosexual ordination. Inger, my wife, was raised in a Christian Home in Kristiansand, Norway. She follows in her father’s footsteps of ministering through music and Christian song.

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Prayer Requests

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  • Moriel requests prayer for believers attacked in Vietnam. Our friends in Vietnam have informed us of a brutal attack on a Vietnamese Mennonite church last Monday June 9th. The police were involved in the attack against believers, including children, who were gathered for a summer bible camp. Please pray that the believers who were attacked may recover physically, emotionally and grow stronger spiritually through this persecution.

  • May 19 - Moriel & Jacob Prasch request prayer for Debbie Brisk, Scott's wife of BeAlert! Debbie is suffering from pulmonary embolism. Please pray for the cause of the blood clots and for a complete healing.

    Update May 26: Debbie is home from the hospital and on a few new medications. Please continue to pray for Debbie as this is upsetting her daily routine and regiment to manage her Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Also, pray for the issue of long term care & lack of insurance.

  • April 29- Moriel & Jacob Prasch request prayer for a Moriel supporter, Mark, Paula & family for Mark's Mom, Beth, who underwent emergency surgery for cancer.

  • Moriel & Jacob Prasch request urgent prayer for our copy editor Danny Isom who is unexpectedly in hospital for a pace maker implant due to a cardiac crises on top of his kidney condition requiring dialysis and his recent victory over cancer.

    Update: Danny had open heart, double by-pass surgery March 25.
    Danny was released from the hospital 4/2/14 to a rehab facility.

    Update April 25 - Danny just collapsed& is being rushed to the hospital. A pacemaker was put in place and now Danny is in a rehab facility.

  • Jan 31 - Moriel & Jacob Prasch request prayer for Sarah, our web person's mother. She is suffering from Alzheimer's and recently diagnosed with cancer. Her body is to frail to fight the cancer & letting nature take it's course.

    Update: April 11 - The cancer is growing and the Alzheimer's disease is accelerating along with the cancer. She probably won't even know when she is really sick. The Alzeimer's is an extreme case & hard on mother & Carol mentally. We ask prayer for Carol for strength as well./li>

Repeated Debate Challenge

Jacob Prasch wishes to repeat his challenge to publicly debate Anglican Stephen Sizer on Sizer's contentions that Zionism is apartheid and that the modern state of Israel does not fulfill biblical prophecy.  As an Anglican in a church ordaining homosexual clergy and with a Druid Arch Bishop of Canterbury now calling for Britain to integrate elements of Islamic Sharia, anti Zionists like Sizer in a church with a pro Islamic hierarchical agenda must be challenged.

We are compelled by the evidence to regard Sizer as hypocritical and biblically ignorant and would relish the opportunity to demonstrate this in public debate before a video camera in a properly moderated format.   
It is also difficult for us not to additionally suspect Sizer of being a pseudo-academic fraud, but he at least deserves the opportunity to demonstrate otherwise in a public forum.

In view of the widespread persecution of Arab, Persian, Asian, and African Christians throughout the Moslem world it is nothing short of ludicrous that Sizer continually targets Israel as the perpetrator of injustice when Israel is the solitary country in The Middle East assuring the rights and security of its Christian population.

Our expectation is that Sizer will continue to run as usual. This however simply serves to underscore the indefensible implausibility of his pseudo-scholarly and pseudo-biblical antics.


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ISRAEL - Land of the Bible

Sunday 12 April 2015 thru 23 April 15 2015

An unforgettable, life-enriching experience!

Price includes 12 days touring in an air conditioned bus, 12 days guiding with an English speaking guide, accommodation, breakfast and dinner each day, entrance fees

click here for details.

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