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After January 2015 on advice of his physicians Jacob Prasch will be travelling less and only be speaking close to his base in the south of England and Wales until mid October of next year 2015 (a single exception will be made for a one day Saturday seminar in Derbyshire). The planned bible study tour of Israel will go ahead, but nothing further abroad until the autumn. He may be in the USA working in one location filming and book writing in California, and speak locally around Los Angeles while he is there, but all other international itineraries have been postponed for the same time period due to reasons of health. We express our apologetic regrets that Jacob has had to curtail his speaking at most venues requiring any extensive travel.

Moriel “Quarterly” Magazine OVERDUE

Dear readers note the March 2015 magazine will be sent out within the next couple of weeks.
We apologise for the delay but circumstances beyond our control are the reason.

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HARPAZO: The Intra-Seal Rapture of the Church

by James Jacob Prasch
Copy-Edited by D. E. Isom

When it comes to books devoted to eschatology in general and the Rapture specifically, they often either read like a formal academic argument written solely for the benefit of scholars or employ the use of fiction to avoid directly handling the underlying biblical text. As with Jacob's previous books and exhaustive list of sermons covering nearly every area of theology, Harpazo presents the doctrine of the Rapture and Resurrection in the strictest biblical sense possible, leveraging the handling of Scripture in the same manner as passed along to us by Christ through the Apostles and Early Church of the 1st century.

Often the typical format of such books is to spend more time explaining and refuting all the positions the author 
does not subscribe to rather than focus exclusively on what they believe and have derived from Scripture. Harpazo may be unique in the complete absence of charts and seemingly endless trips to sidebars to constantly compare alternate interpretations the author does not subscribe to in the first place. Jacob was asked to continue to employ in an expanded book format the same exegesis of Scripture which is present in all of his teachings regardless of whether or not they are eschatological. After all, "The Apocalypse" means "unveiling", and that "lifting of the curtain", so to speak, as we approach the ever nearer Return of Christ is the Holy Spirit's revelation of Scripture as already given, not a new opinion by man..

The Gospels are clear that immediately in the wake of His Resurrection, Christ not only imparted the Holy Spirit to His disciples, but directly instructed them in how He was the fulfillment of the whole of Scripture. (Lk. 24:27, 44-45) In other words, the interpretation of 
all of God's Word, every Book of the Old Testament included, was re-cast as Christological, having not just a literal, primary meaning for the times any Scripture was originally given, but an added meaning for either Christ's First Coming, Second Coming, or both. Like every doctrine and theology, the Rapture and Resurrection are illustrated through many scriptural people, places and events throughout the whole of God’s Word and not simply limited to a single biblical reference.

Using the Early Church hermeneutics of typology to 
illustrate and illuminate doctrine, Jacob shows how there are many raptures and rescues in Scripture which combine to teach what is going to ultimately take place in the Parousia—the Second Coming of Christ. Likewise, there is a wealth of similar events and patterns throughout Scripture which teach us what to expect from related issues such as the Two Witnesses, the role of the 144,000 and Israel yet to come, the pattern of judgments in Revelation and how they actually replay Old Testament and historical parallels, and a wealth of other such End Times teachings already established in the canon of Scripture.

Jesus Himself established this hermeneutic by categorically teaching that the Last Days would be realized in the character of the days of Noah as well as Lot. The Apostles in their writings not only confirmed these specific examples but built upon them. The question for believers in the Last Days is not whether or not some kind of "new" revelation or word from God has been revealed, but how what has already been given is, in these final hours, being unveiled to believers by the Holy Spirit. What Daniel was told to seal until the end, John was told would be ultimately unsealed.

Some of the chapter titles in 
Harpazo will sound familiar to those already acquainted with Jacob's teachings, but he has never tied everything together overall to this degree before. This book is not about creating another End Times chart, but making a good faith effort to draw together in one place what the whole counsel of God's Word is teaching not just for a single event or prophetic fulfillment, but the overall doctrinal basis by which believers are supposed to act and behave as they are putting His Word into practice. Whereas many limit their teaching on the Rapture to just the drama of the physical event itself, one of the remarkable differences presented in Harpazo is the believer's place in the Rapture and Resurrection and their active role in preparation for it. Recognition of the nearness of His Return invokes a responsibility to live accordingly.

Those expecting an academic treatment of eschatology or hoping for a formal rebuttal of alternative positions will not find such in 
Harpazo. But those placing a priority on what God's Word is saying more than the word and opinions of man will derive tangible benefits from the book regardless of which "ism" or eschatology currently held. Jacob presents us with a thorough proactive exegesis of Scripture by concentrating on what Scripture affirms rather than a reactive rebuttal of the beliefs of man, which all too often actually fall outside biblical boundaries.


Electronic version is now available as an Ebook and is available at Amazon for $9.99.

Australia's books are still in printing but you can pre-order by calling Marg at
Tel: 61 (03) 5633 2300

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The Daniel Factor on Sale NOW!

This book was written to accompany Jacob's part in the film, "The Daniel Project". Jacob expands on that documentary and explains more fully about the world in which we live today and what it may mean in the light of those Biblical prophecies.

People are looking for answers, instinctively knowing that whilst great efforts are made to bring peace in our troubled world, all is not well. An increase in natural and man made disasters, geo-political tensions and an economic crisis create the sense of a gatherng storm which has become a part of us all.

Since 1948, hundreds of ancient predictions, written thousands of years ago, are now unfolding before us. News agencies from around the world beam satellite images into our homes that could have come straight from the pages of the Bible.

According to Daniel and other Biblical prophets, only the wise will understand how to read the signs and respond - as people around the world will continue to be so busy with their lives; buying and selling, planting and building, unaware of the terrible events that will overtake them.
Electronic version is now available as an
Ebook and is available at Amazon for $5.99.

Please click here to place your order.

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Prayer Requests

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  • Moriel and Jacob Prasch request prayer for Darren Baker , son of an elder at a  Moriel affiliated church in Great Britain who is unsaved and battling pneumonia being caused by something physicians are unable as yet to diagnose. Please pray for his healing but more importantly that The Lord will use this health issue to draw him to salvation in Jesus.

  • 5/15 - David Lister requests prayer for his cousin David Smith who has been diagnosed with Parkinson Disease. David is a believer and is trusting the Lord through this trial. May the Lord give David and his family peace and strength.

  • 5/15 - Moriel requests prayer for Carol Champion for her eyes. She has to go to a retina specialist. Please pray for a healing or to give the Drs wisdom in how to treat her eyes.

    Update: Carol was diagnosed with Auto-immune disease & the white blood cells are attacking her retina. She will be on chemo for a year. This is all coming. from her blood disease.Please pray for a complete healing

  • Jacob Prasch & Moriel request prayer for our Sister Marg Godwin who administrates the Moriel Branch in Australia whose brother died suddenly. May she know the presence and comfort of Jesus at this traumatic time.

  • Moriel & Jacob Prasch request prayer for Benjamin, who went swimming last Saturday week was due to attend his graduation ceremony that evening ,when he complained of severe headache and within half an hour or so was in a coma. He was rushed to the local hospital in Geraldton where CT scans revealed a severe bleed in the brain and felt there was nothing they could do and his parents were faced with the question of donating his organs,they were in complete shock as you can imagine.
    We began to pray immediately and tried to inform as many to stand in the gap for  him. He was flown to Sir Charles Gardner Hospital and when they did some further tests he responded to a pain test so they decided to operate that night, thankfully the Lord brought him through the surgery , he has swelling on the brain and cranial pressure which has been of great concern and they have been monitoring the situation constantly.
    Many have joined in praying ,since Sunday there has been some movement on his part and trying to open his eyes but he is under sedation.

    We keep looking to the Lord continually and seeking to encourage our Son and his wife  and his two brother's who our feeling the strain but trying to rest in the Lord.

  • Moriel requests prayer for believers attacked in Vietnam. Our friends in Vietnam have informed us of a brutal attack on a Vietnamese Mennonite church last Monday June 9th. The police were involved in the attack against believers, including children, who were gathered for a summer bible camp. Please pray that the believers who were attacked may recover physically, emotionally and grow stronger spiritually through this persecution.

  • May 19 - Moriel & Jacob Prasch request prayer for Debbie Brisk, Scott's wife of BeAlert! Debbie is suffering from pulmonary embolism. Please pray for the cause of the blood clots and for a complete healing.

    Update May 26: Debbie is home from the hospital and on a few new medications. Please continue to pray for Debbie as this is upsetting her daily routine and regiment to manage her Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Also, pray for the issue of long term care & lack of insurance.

  • Jan 31 - Moriel & Jacob Prasch request prayer for Sarah, our web person's mother. She is suffering from Alzheimer's and recently diagnosed with cancer. Her body is to frail to fight the cancer & letting nature take it's course.

    Update: April 11 - The cancer is growing and the Alzheimer's disease is accelerating along with the cancer. She probably won't even know when she is really sick. The Alzeimer's is an extreme case & hard on mother & Carol mentally. We ask prayer for Carol for strength as well./li>

Repeated Debate Challenge

Jacob Prasch wishes to repeat his challenge to publicly debate Anglican Stephen Sizer on Sizer's contentions that Zionism is apartheid and that the modern state of Israel does not fulfill biblical prophecy.  As an Anglican in a church ordaining homosexual clergy and with a Druid Arch Bishop of Canterbury now calling for Britain to integrate elements of Islamic Sharia, anti Zionists like Sizer in a church with a pro Islamic hierarchical agenda must be challenged.

We are compelled by the evidence to regard Sizer as hypocritical and biblically ignorant and would relish the opportunity to demonstrate this in public debate before a video camera in a properly moderated format.   
It is also difficult for us not to additionally suspect Sizer of being a pseudo-academic fraud, but he at least deserves the opportunity to demonstrate otherwise in a public forum.

In view of the widespread persecution of Arab, Persian, Asian, and African Christians throughout the Moslem world it is nothing short of ludicrous that Sizer continually targets Israel as the perpetrator of injustice when Israel is the solitary country in The Middle East assuring the rights and security of its Christian population.

Our expectation is that Sizer will continue to run as usual. This however simply serves to underscore the indefensible implausibility of his pseudo-scholarly and pseudo-biblical antics.


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ISRAEL - Land of the Bible

Sunday 12 April 2015 thru 23 April 15 2015

An unforgettable, life-enriching experience!

Price includes 12 days touring in an air conditioned bus, 12 days guiding with an English speaking guide, accommodation, breakfast and dinner each day, entrance fees

click here for details.

Bill & Kristin Randles
February / March 2015

Thursday 26 February
Crossroads Christian Congregation
5 Bayview Road
Browns Bay
Contact: Pastor Fanie du Toit, (021) 0275 3353

Friday 27 February
Café Foyer
Knox Presbyterian Church
574 High Street
Contact: Lester Fensom (021) 936 403

Sunday 1 March
Calvary Chapel Hamilton
Vardon School Hall
36 Cunningham Road
Pastor Steve Jones, (021) 100 2660

Monday 2 March
Bulls Christian Fellowship
The Fathers House,
28 Criterion Street,
Contact:Mike Mullane (021) 037 6655

Tuesday 3 March
Bulls Christian Fellowship
The Fathers House
28 Criterion Street
Mike Mullane (021) 037 6655

Wednesday 4 March
Onekawa Bible Church
16 Riverbend Road
Alan Whitford (021) 807 833

Thursday 5March
Calvary Chapel Christchurch
Performing Arts Centre
Heaton Intermediate School
125 – 133 Heaton Street

Pastor Murray Woodfield (029) 501 9999

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