Moriel Press Release

As a Philo-Semitic and Pro-Israel Evangelical Christian organization based in Pittsburgh , we at Moriel stand in shock at the outrageous and unbelievable atrocity perpetrated against our friends in the Pittsburgh Jewish community.

The hate driven and demonically animated perpetrator of this mass murder had a sick history of everything from expressed outrage at President Trump for his friendship towards Israel and the Jews, to wild and fanciful conspiracy theories aimed at Jewry with no real basis in historical reality or objective fact.

His extremist ideology misrepresented as somehow characteristic of the political right wing is in fact delusional fanaticism discounting that so many of most declarative voices for conservative values and policies are the voices of Jews such as Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, and David Horowitz . This killer’s views are in no way reflective of the values and convictions of American conservatives any more than those of Joseph Stalin is of those leaning to the political left. 

In his death chant “All Jews Must Die” , as Pro Jewish Christians we must ask if  that malicious diatribe would have included Jews such as Rabbi Yeshua Bar Yosef M’ Natzeret (better known as Jesus Christ), and his earthly parents Miriam & Yosef (Mary & Joseph)? Would it have included the uniformly Jewish authors of the New Testament such as Rabbi Shaul of Tarsus (more commonly known as St. Paul), and the Apostles Mattityahu (St. Matthew), Yakov (St. James), Yohannan (St. John) and Cephus Shim’on (St. Peter)? 

Whoever hates and murders the Jews also hates and murders true Christians. Our God is the God of Israel, and our Christ, our scriptures, and the founders of our faith are all Jewish. This crime against the anthropological people of the Jew Jesus of Nazareth is also a crime against us as Christians, and against all people of good will and common civility.

May our anger at this horrific massacre be eclipsed only by our prayers for the victim’s families and for the recovery of the wounded congregants and for the police who with bravery and dedication place their own lives on the line to protect the rest of us from such criminal madness. Our heart’s cry is that the people of Squirrel Hill with whom we stand, will know the consolation and salvation of the Holy One of Israel , the God of their fathers and of our our hope and redemption.

God Bless The Jewish People and God Bless Pittsburgh. 

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