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Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path

Psalms 119:105


Moriel is an international multi-faceted ministry of Jewish and non-Jewish regenerate believers one in Jesus the Messiah.

Moriel is committed to the evangelization beginning with The Jews but also of people of other faiths including Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism,  and theologically deviant expressions of Christendom including Roman Catholicism (which we view as aberrational much as we deem Talmudic Judaism to be likewise largely unscriptural). To this end Moriel plants churches, and operates missions especially among impoverished children in the Third World. While mainly rejecting the later midrashic writings of the rabbis, Moriel is also a teaching ministry seeking to exegetically interpret scripture with the Judeo-Christian hermeneutic of the apostolic  church including the midrashic exegesis used by Jesus and Paul (midrash is a term found multiple times in the Tenak or Old Testament).

Lastly, Moriel is active in the area of discernment withstanding the popular apostasy in the contemporary church that The Word of God warns would precede the return of Jesus. We remain firmly aligned to the conviction that contemporary events in The Middle East , Europe, and in the church make the present time in history different from other eras when people thought it was the last days. We affirm the belief that Jesus is coming again and prophecy of His return is radically being fulfilled increasingly.

Q & A LIVE! with Jacob Prasch at 7:15pm Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday April 23, 2014 PST

If you are not sure what time zone you are in please refer to the link below:

Streaming will begin at 7:00 PST.  The show will start at 7:15pm PST and will run until 8:15pm PST.  Additionally, from 8:15pm to 8:45pm we will have an off-air "One on One" Q&A session with Jacob where members of the audience can personally ask Jacob questions.  The "One on One" session will not be broadcast but will be uploaded for future viewing.

There will be two ways to watch the show:

1. You can join us live on location at Community Church of Devore in San Bernardino, California. Please visit their website for directions:

2.  You can watch it live on on
You will need a Livestream account to watch or you can log in with your Facebook account. Please follow us so you can watch other programs that Moriel will make available in the future.  

If you'd like to ask a question you can ask your questions one of three ways:
1. Through our Facebook page:

2. By texting us at:
(909) 913-4576 (this is a U.S.A. phone number, carrier charges may apply)

3.Live during the event on the Livestream page.

Please include your name and where you are from. Please keep your questions short and concise as this will give your questions a better chance of being answered. Please ask one question at time. 

The Q&A will be archived and available to watch after the stream is finished.

April 16, 2014 Q & A session

Thank you and God bless!

Connect with us on….

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Moriel TV is coming soon - Live weekly broadcasts from Jacob Prasch